Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Whitesnake

Yup I couldn't go without featuring one my favorite Hairbands from the 80's . . . Whitesnake!

I absolutely love 80's hair metal/rock songs.   More so I love the power ballads that emerged in the 80's and 90's.  Mr. Big holds my favorite hairband song with To Be with You, but Whitesnake holds a few songs that will forever be in my musical collection as well.  

Whitesnake formed in 1978 after David Coverdale decided to form a band after his departure from Deep Purple.  The band had international success but it wasn't until their self-titled album that Whitesnake actually had some major hits.  Here I go  and  Is this Love.   Were some of their biggest hits and my favorite songs!

My favorite song by Whitesnake is  . . . .  Is This Love

 My least favorite song by Whitesnake is  . . .   Slow and Easy

The song that inspires me by Whitesnake is  . . .  Here I Go Again


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  1. The video for Here I Go Again is certainly inspirational....good ole Tawny Kitaen...I never want to be a car except when I watch that video.

    Incidentally, they released a live CD/DVD set this week if you're feeling really nostalgic.


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