Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for UB40

Oh my . . . I love this band.

Maybe it's because I love the Reggae/Pop sound... or maybe it's because the band is just so unique that they really inspire me!

UB40 is a British Invasion band.   They formed in 1978 and had both international and UK hits that topped the charts.   Their most famous song is probably Red Red Wine, but they are also pretty known for they covers of famous songs such as Elvis's Can't help falling in Love,  and their own rendition of I Got You Babe.  

My favorite song by UB40 is  . . . Red Red Wine

My least favorite song by UB40 is  . . . Please Don't Make Me Cry

The song that inspires me by UB40 is also by Elvis,  Can't Help Falling In Love

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