Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday's Inspirational Songs . . . H - L

H holds a lot of artists that have songs that inspire me, and some quite frankly may make people's eyebrows raise.

First and foremost I have to shout out to Hilary Duff's Someone Watching Over Me.  This was from her movie  Raise Your Voice. Man if there was ever a song that is inspirational it's this one. Everyone will lose someone close to them and the thought that the person you lose will always be watching you is more powerful and heartfelt than thinking you have lost them forever. 

Another H artist that inspires me is Hanson!  Yes Hanson.  And not the Mmmbop song that is so addicting that you just have to nod your head and sing along,   but it is a song from their first album Middle of No where called Yearbook.   I think the single line "Their is a lying in your silence" that speaks to me.  Because sometimes being silent is just as bad as fabricating a lie, in some cases even worse.

Hoobstank produced a song called Crawling in the Dark   that I absolutely love.  It's amazing how much music is out there, and every song will affect an individual differently that what is so cool about music.  It doesn't matter who you are, a song could be Hard Rock and a quiet and reserved wall flower could connect with the lyrics of a song in a different way then the head banging metal heads who mosh-pit concerts in all black and yet both will be present at a concert in support of a band.

I - unfortunately only has one other song that inspires me by the band Incubus.   It was so hard to choose between Ingrid and Incubus because Drive  use to send me into another world.   I would close my eyes and let the song take me into orbit.  The video for it is one that I will always remember because it was so different and unique.

J - would not be complete without Don't Stop Believing  by Journey.  Come on now who doesn't love Steve Perry . . . or now Arnel Pineda the Filpino Phenom that can sing Steve Perry better than Steve Perry!

And I also am very inspired by Jessica Riddle's  Even Angels Fall.

K has a couple Kelly Clarkson Song's that really inspire me. Breakaway,Behind These Hazel Eyes, and Because of You.

This has turned out to be a rather long post... but to finish it off. 
You and Me  by Lifehouse

and Lonestar's  What About Now . . .   really inspire me. 

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