Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kid Rock

Kid Rock has been on the airwaves since the early 90's when he came out on the scene with a Bawitdaba and Cowboy type swagger.   But his music never really reached me until 2001 when he released a Duet with Sheryl Crow entitled  Picture.   In the 90's his sound was Rapper/Rock and as much as that music was popular nothing could compare to the success of his Rock and Roll Jesus  album.

This is where I developed my love and respect for Kid Rock's music.  He took on a country/rock tone his music not only affecting people's hearts but inspiring their souls as well.

My favorite Song by Kid Rock is . . . well actually I have two . . .   Picture, and  All Summer Long.    I love the deep love story that is behind Picture.   But  All Summer Long  was influenced by infusing the Werewolves of  London  by Warren Zevon with Lynyrd Skynrd's Sweet Home Alabama.  I absolutely love the song, the beat and the way he infused to classics to make his own song that makes you slap the steering wheel and sing along!

The song that I like the least by Kid Rock is  . . . Bawitdaba

The song that inspires me by Kid Rock is . . . Amen
  This song speaks to the Military Wife in me.  My husband has had two tours over seas, One in Kuwait the other in Afghanistan.  And all I can think of is Amen that he came back to me,  he went through a car bombing, had a rock fall on his ankle, and even with those events his back is the only thing that came out hurt.   It's a miracle he came back home in one piece, and I thank God every day for him coming back to me safely  AMEN!


  1. HeHe you spelled Bawitdaba wrong two different ways in your post :-P

    I love your musical posts

  2. Vanessa-

    We have something in common-"Picture" was the song that made me listen as well....and the Rock N Roll Jesus album was pretty darn good....although they played the hell our of "All Summer Long."


  3. LC

    Ha I had the CD and played the hell out of "All Summer Long"! I am very guilty of abusing that song. Sometimes the radio over plays a song and I end up hating it . . . other times it gets overplayed and I end up loving it. Even the ones that are over played and I hate I end up liking. One example would be I use to hate the song "Complicated" By Avril Lavigne, but after time I ended up loving it because of the over exposure. Subliminal advertising I guess.


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