Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Sister Hazel

I first became a Sister Hazel fan in 90's when there first big chart topper which actually came from their second album"All For You" hit the radio waves.  Thinking they were a one trick pony I never thought much of them after that.   But then My favorite movie Ten Things I Hate About You featured their song Your Winter.  

The band was named after Sister Hazel Williams a local nun who ran a homeless shelter in their hometown of Gainsville Florida. I really like this bands sound. And they are just obscure enough to really be a great asset to my A-Z Blog this year!

My favorite song by Sister Hazel is  . . . All For You

My least favorite song by Sister Hazel is  . . . Happy

There are two songs that inspire me creatively by Sister Hazel . . .  Your Winter, Best I'll ever Be

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  1. I've stayed pretty current with these guys...always liked their sound and never knew why they did not hit it bigger.


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