Sunday, April 10, 2011

Murky waters of the sleep deprived slacker

You fade into nothingness as you slither between the sheets and try to clench your eyes shut to submerge yourself within your dreams. You toss and turn due to the unfortunate loss of AC in your overly warm home, wondering if the billowing breeze from beneath the curtains, and the roar of a blowing fan is enough to cool your skin.  Both your children slink into your room within forty minutes of each other to tell you they can't sleep or they are out of water.  It is a sad fact that despite the responsibilities that are put upon me I choose to hide within the shadows of my sadness, and ache for the one who is missing from my side. Unfortunate as it is,This is me right now ... It is not a dream, but more of a messed up reality where im sleep deprived and lonely.

My soldier is gone, training for the battle he has yet to fight as he follows his duty as our nation's hero and fights in a war that is not really ours.  I wish him to come home to us again, staring at the stars that peek out at night wondering if he is looking at them too.  I have yet to see a shooting star so my wishes for his safety weigh heavily on my heart as I wonder if it is okay to pray when you really aren't seeking for Faith.  I want to hold him again, I miss his kisses the strong stench of man that sleeps next to me as I close my eyes to dream at night.  It is for him my heart aches and feels empty, just like the space of bed that is next to me.

Many before me have triumphed. As have I.  Waiting for the long stretch of time to quickly pass as you lie in wait for your loved one to come back to you.  Curse the people who question the strength it takes to stay behind the lines and run the home front.  Yes they fight in a war... but we are fighting too.  Our sanity, our faith, our spirit, our love; all broken for the time being as we wait for our soldiers to return.  My soldier has left me at home to fend for our family . . . I take it with honor and try as hard as I can to keep myself intact.  Love is complicated and Bold it keeps me going knowing that even though he is oceans away that our Love still holds hands and sings the song of our six year ongoing triumph.  He may be my rock, my best friend but I am also his and as long as I the MILITARY WIFE stays strong, I know he will stay strong too walking through the door to see me once again and embrace me in that warmth I so surely miss.

Come back to me Strong my soldier.
Come back to me Safe my soldier.
Come back. . . . .

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