Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The blog has been awakened again! A-Z let the challenge begin!

So I usually do posts about music or movies for my A-Z blog challenge, but this year I am taking a different route with it. In May I have decided to step of this proverbial ledge I have been standing on with my writing and become one of the many authors that have gone a non-traditional route with their stories.  That's right I'm talking Self-publishing, Indie books that aren't looking for mainstream recognition but just to get their books out into the world.

I am doing this for many reasons . . .

1.) I made a promise. It was quite a few years ago, but it was on one of the many trips I have taken back home to visit my family. While visiting my Grandma, we had one of those meaningful life lesson chats that you think only happen in movies and books.  Well this one actually did happen, and I really did take it to heart. My Grandma basically put me on the spot and asked me what my dreams are.  Simple question right?  Wrong!  Admitting secretly what you wish to happen with your life is actually quite terrifying. But I did, and I let myself speak the words that few people have heard from me. I want to be a writer, a published one. So, with so much grace and wisdom my Grandma looks at me and says, "What's stopping you?" I take this into consideration, and she follows it up with "make me this promise that you will publish a book before I pass on. Because I never followed my dreams, and I want you to fulfill yours."  Now considering that A. that's a lot of pressure for one grandchild to endure and B.basically ripped out my heart strings. How could I say no? I agreed. So my goal now is to publish one of my finished books on May 19th my Grandma's birthday.

2.) I hate this scary ledge I've placed myself on. It's time to jump. Yes I'm quite terrified of heights, in the literal and hypothetical sense, but in reality I'm terrified of people just saying I'm a crappy writer. I think all authors are. But when you have random people talking in your head screaming for their stories to be heard you just have to let the voices out before you start talking back.  So it's that time.  The world swirls below me, streets filled with thousands of rushing cars looking like ants below my feet. But once I jump I know I will be Alice . . . swirling down the rabbit hole vortex, immersing myself in a Wonderland of authors and stories growing all over cyberspace. But unlike Alice I didn't follow a White Rabbit.  I jumped. I jumped on purpose. I jumped because it is time.

3.) Myself.  Basically I know that I am a writer, I know that I have always wanted to be a writer, and now is the time to just put myself out there. I'm not doing this for recognition, and frankly if my book touches at least one person I think I will have fulfilled my goal. Maybe there will be people like me out there, that when they read a book they really enjoyed contact the writer and let them know.  I hope I do get some fans. I do hope people reach out to me and tell me how much they love my story and my characters.  I want that experience.  I want that acceptance.  But I also know that every story is not for everyone . . .  so even with every happy response, there will be as many people out there that will hate it. And even the haters are a good thing. How are you ever going to get better if you don't get negative feedback to make you stronger. 

4.) Everyone who has ever believed in me. For the authors I've made friends with that encourage me to keep going. Those same authors that have awakened stories within me that are inspired by their own. To the family and friends who tell me I'm awesome, even when I only think they say it just because they have to. To anyone like me that just has that dream they want to make happen. I am doing this also for you guys. 

So what does this "jumping off the ledge" have to do with my A-Z blog challenge this year?  Well I decided it was a great time to feature books from the Indie persuasion.  Authors that have put themselves out there.  Authors who struggle to get recognition.  Authors who like me only want their stories to be loved and cherished.  Not every story has gotten 5 stars from me.  In fact quite a few didn't. But even books that need work, or have wishy-washy characters need recognition too. Because although, I may not have thoroughly enjoyed their story, someone else might see it as a diamond in the rough and absolutely love it.

So there you go . . . My blog reawakened for the A-Z challenge. On my birthday of all days :D Every year. Hope it helps you find a new story to add to your favorites, I know I have a bunch in mine now.

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