Friday, November 2, 2012

So it has begun!  

Nanowrimo 2012 is here, and I am so far behind . . .

I thought when I started my novel for this year's Nanowrimo that it would flow so easily.  My main character a complete antagonist with so many problems her story would leap off the page and leave my finger tips tired and exhausted from the idea explosion.

Alas tis not what happened my friends.

The first day was horrible . . .  got home from work . . .  fed the family got to writing and only managed to get out 716 words on the first day.   At this rate it will be January before I hit the 50k word count. 

Oh well, all my fellow Nanoers out there good luck!  I hope you hit your mark this month!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


So the keys have been typed . . .  the hours have passed by . . . and after ten long months of working I finally, FINALLY, finished writing a book from start to finish.  

Some of you personally know me; and if you do then you probably know that my biggest problem with writing is actually finishing my stories.   Here is how it usually works . . .  I get an idea I start writing my story and then I get another idea  which leads me to drop my previous story and start a new one.   This time was different.  I began my story in November during the Nanowrimo challenge, determined to start a book and finish it.   For those of you unfamiliar with the Nanowrimo challenge, let me fill you in.  November is National Writing month, the goal to start a book on November first and get 50,000 words written by midnight on November 30th,  50,000 words, 30 days should equal a finished or nearly finished literary masterpiece!   So finished the challenge!  If you don't believe me check out the proof!  Yeah it's just a couple pixels but for me an achievement I never thought I would reach.  

So now that my work has been completed, I've decided to take my blog in a different direction.   I want to make it about the journey.  Take my readers with me, as I trek down the road and follow my dream of becoming a published author.   Now I may not post very often, but I do think it's important to show other writer's what exactly they will experience if they attempt to get a book published.   I want to walk you through the art of query writing,  I will show my rejection letters, (removing names of course)  and maybe someday I will even get a chance to show you a letter of acceptance!  That is the goal right?  A published book sitting on shelves awaiting for someone to pick up the pages and immerse themselves in my story and identify with my characters.

Right now my book is going through the editing phase, I have enlisted the help of a person who is frantically correcting my grammatical errors and giving me feedback so I can get my story polished enough to send to publishers. (My mother, a retired English teacher)   TRUST ME, grammar and punctuation do not mix well with me.   It's like a potion mixed with ingredients that when combined explode!  Except my explosion is a jumbled mess of letters and words. (Ha, come to think of it, if you actually read my blog then you know how true this statement is!  I do not edit my blog posts, mainly because I don't have the time.)

I hope some of you will stay interested in my blog.  I hope that I can keep it compelling enough to bring you back here anytime I post! And thank you to everyone who has joined to follow my blog.   This will be quite a journey and I am glad I have somewhere to share it!

What's For Dinner :  Sticks of fish!

Song of the Day:

Sum 41 - With me

Sunday, April 29, 2012


So because I am in a rush to finish the A - Z  Challenge  I thought it might be cool to share some cool photos I took from my recent trip to the Oklahoma Zoo for the Baby Elephant Malee's First Birthday.   One of my best friends Kate was up for a visit and we decided it would be fun to take the kids and the family to the zoo to celebrate the big day.   The kids got elephant hats ( which my son instantly destroyed )  and we got to see a whole bunch of baby animals.   So here you go a couple of cool shots I took from the zoo.  My favorite is the first picture of the Giraffe with outstretched tounge!

Baby Giraffe

Content Gorilla
Baby Malee

River Otter ( one of my favorites)
Licking Cougar

Itchy Zebra
Hungry Giraffe

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:  Chicken, and steamed Veggies


Neon Trees - Animals


Y is for Yikes

So I thought I'd share something humbling, funny, quirky, and a little bit weird about myself with my readers. It's an irriational fear that I got as a child and continue to have to this day. 

It started around the age of seven . . . I could have been older or younger, but I don't remember a lot from that period of my life, so I don't know for sure.   My mother told me about this awesome "family movie"  that was amazing and I would absolutely love because it is a treasured classic.  

I watched the movie with my mother and the beloved classic turned into a traumatic experience for me.   I instantly became stricken with fear, the main character was supposed to be cute and lovable  instead I was afraid of him . . . everything about him.  I finished the whole movie and that night had terrible nightmares, from then on I could never watch the movie again--and to this day I still cannot.  

People call my fear irrational, they make fun of me for it.  The fact that I am so completely terrified by this children's classic causes people to judge me.   I know that my fear is irriational, I know it sounds stupid and is completely asinine . . . but it's my fear and I am no longer afraid to hide it.

So what movie caused this crazy fear of mine...  why can't I see his face, hear the music, watch a clip, or even see a snippet of this movie?   What is the movie my kids will never watch in my presence, or ever be played in my house while I'm home.  Well here goes I am going to admit it now to everyone . . . 

Hi my name is Vanessa,  and I am deathly terrified of E.T.!!!!!

(By the way the fact that I just put his name on my blog is a very big step for me . . .  almost regretting it now!)



Bush - Glycerine

Saturday, April 28, 2012

X-RAY vision


What would you do if you possessed the ability to see under people's clothes, or get under their skin?  I always saw this "special ability"  talked about in super hero comics as completely perverted!  As a female, x-ray vision would probably be the last choice I would pick for a super power.  Sure seeing through walls would be an awesome way to keep tabs on my children and further prove that Mom's are all knowing, all seeing, and have eyes literally in the back of their head.  But seeing underneath people's clothing just to catch a glimpse of what they are packing underneath just doesn't seem appealing.   Yes I know that Superman used his xray vision to see through buildings and help save people. . .  but we all know he probably used in the wrong context at least once.   He is a guy after all.   Just kidding!

 If I could choose any super powers these would be my top 3
1.) Super Speed:   Imagine being able to clean your entire house in less than five minutes!

2.) The Money Gift:  Okay so I watch Dora the Explorer with my kids, and in this one episode Boots makes a wish that anytime he says the word bananas he would get a banana.  AWESOME!  So I decided I want to be able to say the word MONEY and anytime I do thousands of real not counterfeit hundred dollar bills would fall from the sky.   MONEY MONEY MONEY . . .  guess it didn't work.

3.)  Finally   the ability to eat without getting fat, sick, or causing tooth decay . . .   Calories would mean nothing to me and sugar would be my best friend, and my teeth would be a glittering display of white enamel polished for perfection.

So there you have it my top three super powers I would want to possess   . . .  if you could choose three what would they be?

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:  Steak, Baked Potatoes, and Corn on the cob  (frequents are pallets now that my hubby is back)


My daughter:  Knock Knock
My son: Whose there?
My daughter:  Lamb in the house
My son:  Lamb in da house who?
MY daughter:  Lamb in the house bibbdy bouse!
(hey at least she rhymed


I can see clearly now - Jimmy Cliff

W is for What if....

So I am stealing this topic from a fellow Blogger.  A.D.  Duling at

 The What If Game.  

We all play it, whether we like to admit or not.   What if I am not good enough, What if I had just did that differently,  What if the world ends tomorrow????  ( Actually according to the Mayans the world will end on December 21, 2012!!!   If you believe it!)

The What If Game is a common practice for people too scared to follow their dreams.   An example, a dude walks into a bar and sees a rabbi, priest and chaplain . . .  oh wait that is a joke.    I will use myself as an example.   My use of the What If Game is to sit at home and daydream of bigger things.   Here are my current what if thoughts I possess. . .

1:  What if I won the Lottery???  If you were like me then you ran to the gas station and played Mega Millions when it got up to that 600 million + jackpot!  The funny thing about that was I had two of the numbers and all of my other numbers were only a couple off from what the actual numbers were!  And where did I get those numbers?? Off my husbands fortune cookie wrapper!  But I always ask myself what I would do if I won the lottery.  Having that extra cash would be an amazing asset.  I would pay off all debt, and would buy my husband that truck he is wanting, then set up each of my kids a college fund resulting in quadruple digits.

2:  What if I became a famous writer???  That's the goal right?  To write that amazing manuscript that editors just have to have that they are practically banging down your door to get their hands on it. You want your book to be so popular that book shelves are empty and people are waiting outside the store when it's released just to get their hands on the next part of your series.  As a writer that's what I'm working for . . . fame . . . glory . . . the following.  I want to touch people with my words and have it effect them in a positive way. 

3: What if I fail ???   Yes failure plays an important part in my what if game.  I have the tendency to automatically go to the negative.   Bad thoughts happen before the good ones.   Like this upcoming Face Painting booth I am going to do. What if . . .  I get laughed at, or I don't get that many people because I'm not that good.   Ha!  I sound like I'm five, but those are the thoughts I get when I play the What if Game.

Whether you play the What if Game negatively or positively you must keep one thing in mind. 

You can always play the What if Game of Life, but if you never attempt to chase down your dreams or conquer your fears you will never win the game!

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:   Slimy worms covered in Ketchup . . .  Spaghetti

KID QUOTE OF THE DAY:   (A lesson from a post on March 31rst)

My son:  Mommy I love you . . .  That's a Statement!

Jadon Lavik - What if

Thursday, April 26, 2012

V Is for Victory??????

Okay, so I was determined  to make the V blog about Victory.   Mainly I was going to finish my novel and gloat about how I finally finished writing an actual novel.   But guess what that didn't happen!   It was a good thought right?  So here is what I did do on my story,  I wrote two more chapters!  A victory in itself.   It's really the chaotic nature of life that kept me from finishing the novel.   Today my daughter is going to be in her first play!  She is going to be a Shar Pei  in a play called Arf!  So I volunteered to paint the kids noses to look like dogs.  (I want to get in more experience so I can hopefully open a face painting side business.)  

My mother made this adorable wrinkly costume for her and now my only task for the day is to figure out how to paint her face to look like a Shar Pei.... Not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  I tried painting her face last night and she looked like a mixture of Darth Maul from Star wars and Chewbacca.   So today is all about getting the big V.   I may not have finished my novel but I will win this battle of the wrinkly face and make my daughter look like a Shar Pei if it takes me all afternoon!   I also decided on a name for my Face Painting Business--  Untamed Faces.    I made business cards, and got a supply of paints that should last me awhile!    

So hopefully Victory will be heading in my direction soon.   A finished novel... a possible business venture... and turning my child into a dog for night!  

Thanks for Reading!

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:   Dog Biscuits....  Haha jk.   Actually it will be Burgers


My son:  I don't like to go out side I am scared of the moon and the owls.
Me:  Why are you scared of owls and the moon?
My son:  Because I scared of the moon because its spooooooky, and I scared of owls because they throw up on my head. 
Me:  Haha  when did an owl throw up on your head?
My son:  The owl it fly and throw up on my head.

Eye of the Tiger  - Survivor

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today I am uninspired
to write my blog you see.
I have no thoughts in side my head,
its blank like a leafless tree.

My creative juice stopped flowing,
my fingers don't want to type. 
So why spend the time to write my blog,
when my mind isn't acting just right?

Today I may be Uninspired,
but please don't dwell in despair. 
tomorrow is another day,
to be creative and write with flare.

I will pick up my pencil,
and scribble across a pad.
I'll type it out on my computer,
and try not to make you mad.

I swear, I promise, it's coming.
No more of this uninspired junk,
I'm sure I'll wake up rejuvenated,
and out of my  mindless funk. 

Till then you will have to handle,
this Dr. Suess-ish type of rhyme,
bare with  my mumble jumble,
and sort through my chaotic mind.

Today I am uninspired.

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:   Roman Nose lodge Dinner


Fireflies by Owl City


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Training myself to be more Self Confident

So lately I have been asked to do a lot of things outside of my comfort zone.   My comfort zone being the safety of my couch, behind a keyboard, with only family responsibility to take care of. 

A friend of mine contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a face painting booth at a local fair.  Awesome right?  But the minute she asked and I said yes . . . I was instantly stricken with lack of confidence.   The first time I face painted was for my daughter's 6th birthday party.  The theme was wild animals, so because I like to be creative both in art and writing I decided to paint all the kids faces.   Here is a pick of my little pink leopard at her party.  Painting faces is fun, but I've only done it twice, once at her birthday party and once for a girl scout troop carnival.   Even though I told my friend I will do it, I wonder to myself if I am good enough to do it on other kids for money.   I have to pay for my booth and for a couple hours I will be painting kids faces for extra cash.  I've done research but I am no where near up to speed or skill to do a booth.  But none the less I am going to suck it up and practice my new craft until I get better and do the face painting booth charging at a very low price.

So not even a week later I get a phone call . . .  it is the coach of my daughter's softball team.   I had put on the application for her to join that I was interested in helping assist in coaching.   Well I live in a very small town and it just so happens that 22 little girls signed up in her age group and that there can only be ten girls on the field at a time.   So the coach asks me if I would be interested in coaching my own team.   Keep in mind the last time I played competitively was my Junior year of high school and I threw out both of my knees. 

This is definitely not in my comfort zone at all.   For one it's been a long time since I played, two being in charge to train and coach a team of girls seems more than overwhelming its already exhausting.   But nonetheless I said yes . . . just like to the face painting booth.   Nothing like coming out from under my rock . . .  no more comfortable couch, no more free time.... this girl is going to be busy busy busy.  Hopefully my confidence in myself and my ability to do things will become more intact as well.

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:    BBQ at a friends house


Because I am in a kick ass inspirational type of mood  . . .

Joe Espito - You're the Best


Saturday, April 21, 2012


So what's my biggest problem right now?  Sleeplessness! 

Before my husband got back I was staying up till 1-2 a.m.  I got most of my writing done during this time.  But mainly I stayed up just to talk to him, hoping he was safe and unharmed. 

Now that he is back and I know that he is safe, I am falling asleep around 10-12.  By Midnight my eyes are so dead that I have to fight to keep them open, they can only be described as slits that I see out of.
 Once I awaken I'm dead to the world, my back hurts, my head hurts and the last thing I want to do is get up and get going.  Mornings do not seem to be my biggest problem though, by 2:00 p.m. I want to take a nap, I'm exhausted I fall asleep at my computer sitting on my couch.   I don't understand why I am so tired all the time.  Going to bed any earlier would be pointless since that is the only free time I have to write or have "me" time without the kid migraine going. 

I am Sleepy . . . how about you?

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:   Broccoli, Cauliflower Chicken Casserole,  and Cinnamon No bake cookies for dessert.

KID SCARE OF THE WEEK:   Nothing like your child going full speed down  your steep driveway, braining her head on the sidewalk and ending up in the ER because she starts throwing up.  Luckily no concussion but she scared the bejesus out of me.


Daydream Believer By the Monkees

Friday, April 20, 2012

Remember the 80's

Do you remember the 80's?     

 I sure do.   It's not because I was born in the 80's or because I was raised in the 80's, it's because that period of time was just so. . .well . . . radical, tubular, awesome, and bad!

Acid Wash jeans, leggings, headbands and BIG HAIR were all the rage!  The music was phenomenal!  Especially the hair band movement!  Thus why the big hair bands of the 80's are on constant repeat in my MP3 player.   Yes I gave up my Walkman, put away my tapes and upgraded, as did every other person in the world when technology became more hi-tech and innovative. I still remember the introduction of CD players! And when the Nintendo was the coolest gaming system ever!  Bye Bye Atari!

I was literally a child of the 80's.   I played with cabbage patch dolls, sang every song with Rainbow Brite and the My Little Ponies.   I shouted "We Care"  at the movie theater screen when the Carebears asked me if  I cared, and of course dressed up as She-Ra for Halloween.    I still had most of my toys too, until I became hard up for money and sold them all on EBAY.   My brother had He-Man toys, GI Joe soldiers, vintage star war toys, and a Rubix Cube!  (For you men out there!)

There was a time where I sat in front of my television, when there still was Saturday Morning Cartoons, watching Shirt Tales, Rainbow Brite, Thundercats,  Popples, Wuzzles, Pound Puppies, and She-Ra.
Fond Memories . . .

Obviously the 80's were so amazing that they are bringing them back!   Most of the old shows were released on DVD or on Netflix for the new generation of children to watch.   My kids are in love with the Gummi Bears and He-man/She-ra.     Remakes of tv-shows into movies such as the A-Team and 21 Jump Street have graced the big screen within the last couple years.   How about the 80's movies?   Can we say AWESOME!   Do you remember when Molly Ringwald was the teen sensation?  Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles!!!  All in my collection of course!  Hopefully I am not going OVERBOARD like Goldie Hawn did, but I must admit I absolutely love the 80's. 

Here are some important Key moments in 80's History . . . .

1980 - John Lennon is Assassinated
1981 - The New Plague has been finally identified as AIDS.    MTV makes it's first Broadcast.  ( Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles was the first Video ever aired.)
1982 - Michael Jackson releases the album Thriller!!!!
1983 - Sally Ride becomes the first American Woman in Space.
1984 - PG-13 Movie rating is released
1985 - Both the Hole in the Ozone layer (too much hairspray) and the wreckage from the Titanic is found.
1986 - Challenger Space Shuttle EXPLODES!
1987 - DNA is first used to convict criminals.
1988 - Microsoft launches Windows 2.1
1989 - The Berlin Wall Falls (David Hasselhoff ranks supreme!)  Exxon spills millions of gallons of oil into the ocean.  :(

The 80's were awesome!  It brought out great music, shows that will forever be held in my heart like Saved by the Bell, and  Knight Rider.   Movies that will never leave my collection . . .   and memories that will last a lifetime.

I remember the 80's  Do you?

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:   Frozen Pizza


Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Questions about Query's

So as I near the home stretch of finishing my novel the dread of pursuing the world of publication looms over me. So I thought what better way to enter the world of Q, then to ask questions about Query writing.

I am hoping some of my readers out there may be going through the process, or have been through the process of submitting queries if so here are my questions.

1.) How long have you been sending out queries?  Or  How long did it take you before your query was finally accepted?

2.) How many revisions have you done to your query since you started sending them around?

3.) How long in word length is your current query?

4.) For those who have been blessed with their works in print.  How long did it take you to get finally published?  Months?  Years?

5.) Rejections?  If so how many have you received?  Or did you receive before that big YES!

6.) What is your best advice in writing a query?

7.)  And finally . . . Has anyone thought about Quitting or quit (oh look another Q word) because of the rejection letters or the long tedious process of trying to get published?

If anyone wants to answer my questions that would be great!  Thanks for reading.

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:   Nacho Skillet

If I Die Young - The Band Perry

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So I thought for P, I would share some of the poems I wrote over the years.  I was six or seven years old when I wrote my first poem.  It's kind of funny actually because I wrote it in five minutes when my mom left me alone to walk across the street for five minutes.  I got really super scared.  ( I was six or seven mind you) and instead of crying I picked up a pen and wrote the follow poem.  It actually got published in a book and everything!

Alone by Vanessa K.
I feel the quivers go down my chin,
I know the shivers will start again.
I feel my life pumping with air, 
scary things are everywhere.
Oh help I'm alone. 

It's hard to go through  my other poems and pick the ones I like the best, because I love them all.  So here are a couple I am proud of  .. .

Discrimination at It's End. by Vanessa K
Chaotic Suggestions,
moments of weakness,
to let go of familiarity,
to breathe. 
The constant struggle of reality against the indifference in the abnormal.
Longing for acceptance without reward.
The world is full of disappointment,
the disregard for individuality.
There are those moments where individuals step into the light and shine!
Why is being judgmental means for coolness?
Generations formed on the humiliation of others.
To feel better about oneself?
Why can't we face each other man to man,
looking past discrimination and shake it's hand?
The twenty-first century is cause for rehabilitation!
Fix the leaks caused by our ancestors,
Look past color, race and religion all becoming one!
One nation.
One world.
One universe.
Without war!
Without discrimination!
Without the suppression of one's self esteem.
The mind's way of power, is now at peace.
No longer shall one be afraid to be thyself.
To be an individual.
The twentieth century is behind us. 
Our path is being stoned.
We must follow!
Step past your need for acceptance.
Be that individual that shines.
When all individuality comes together world peace can happen!
Until then . . .
We are baby's learning to walk. 
We must waddle our way past discrimination,
take each others hand, 

Insanity by Vanessa K.
To be in love is insane,
A cacophony of emotions conjured up into a blank state of mind.
Pulling at you,
Tearing at you till you go mad!
Your heart is in shackles,
A straight jacket, 
Stabbing until it bounces off rubber walls.
All emotions balled into one.
Love is insanity,
To be with one person, 
Crazy it is.
Putting ever y feeling you have into one person.
The killer emotion of jealousy drives you to talk to people.
Voices in your head telling you love is wrong.
To be in love is madness.
But yet . . . 
Loving is right,
Everything at once. 
Love is insanity,
The explosive emotion leaving you breathless.
Love is a jubilee of feelings leaving you to hair of grey.
Love causes pain, like the slice of a knife against flesh.
Love causes confusion,
Wondering what is real.
Love is insanity,
Yet . . .
That in itself leaves a world of new experiences and Wonderland.
Love is insanity.  

I have many more poems and it would take forever to post them all, but that is just a snippet of some I did in high school.   Thanks for reading. 



Poem by Taproot


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O -Is for Offering

Okay so I thought somewhere in this A-Z challenge I would offer a little snippet from the book I'm almost finished with.  So here is a dream sequence that my main character has after she made some tough adult choices and was now starting to regret them.  It's a little long, and very rough.. thus why its a rough draft.  But I hope you like it.

The girl sat on the side of the mountain naked and out of breath.  It seemed like she had been running for hours as she made her way through the broken limbs and wooded trees to seek sanctuary.  At one point she thought they were going to catch her, but she managed to hide within the safety of a log as they desperately searched for her whereabouts.
Their voices kept calling out to her; choking on the dense forest until all sounds were but a whisper carried by the wind.  “Genevieve” The trees seemed to speak her name, she stared blankly into the darkness afraid and naïve.
“Genevieve,” the woods called to her again, blowing ever so gently allowing the leaves to rustle up their own fall song as they brilliantly changed color and fell to the ground.  She watched in amazement as the colors of fall raked into a pile forming a giant mountain of leaves before her. “Jump.” Again she heard the faint whisper.
She obeyed streaking across the moss covered ground until she had immersed herself within Fall’s awaiting arms.  She hit the leaves hard sending them flying into the air; like a kaleidoscope they swirled around her shimmering and swaying until all she could see was a jumbled mess of red, orange and yellow. Blinded she held up her arms protecting herself from the vigorous scraping the leaves made against her skin as they seemed to be attacking her.  “What is happening?” She screamed her voice echoing against the mountain’s surface as she fought to stay on her feet.  A strong gust of wind rushed at her, she fell to the ground and laid there defeated.  She could no longer fight against the will of nature, closing her eyes she desperately hoped for someone to save her.
 “Mother?”  The girl looked up to find a small boy standing before her.  His body was painted a lively green, with large leaves from a sycamore tree covering his genitals forming a make shift kilt around his torso. He had the branches of a willow tree extending from his wrists and ankles; they looked like broken chains as if he had just freed himself from Mother Earth’s hold on him. She had heard there were children living in this forest, but it was the first time every meeting one face to face. She studied him admiring his amazing resemblance to spring’s birth in early April. His face was glittered with the colors of the forest; a large streak of brown cascaded up through his neck and across the bridge of his eyes like a budding branch stretching towards the sun. Small sprigs of lavender, and baby’s breath caressed along the top of his head and around the hairline forming a small crown of fresh flowers, fit only for a child of the forest.  The boy stared at her strangely, as if he was waiting for her to speak. His eyes were shaded the color of the sky a vivid blue you only see on the most perfect of days.  She had seen his eyes many times before, they were familiar.
She rose to her feet and was surprised to no longer be naked. She was gifted a dress of fall’s love.  His leaves had leeched to her skin caressing across her breasts and draping to her feet like an over-the-top cotillion dress. The warm autumn colors tinted her skin leaving her once pale features now toned and colored tan from the sun. She ran her fingers through her hair expecting it to tangle within the ordinary straightness it usually had; amazed she found it to be curled and wild like a strong breath of wind. She held up her arms awed by the accessories Fall had given her. Elegant sunflowers draped from her neck and curved down her arms curling around her wrists renovating her with a fresh autumn scent and gifting her with their beauty. 
“Why are you here?” She questioned the boy. He stood their puzzled, as if she was supposed to know who he was and why he was there already.
“I am looking for my mother.”  He reached for her hand and with reluctance she took it his touch was soft and tender, even though his skin looked rough and wrinkled like the bark of an ancient tree. 
“What is your name boy?”  She asked him as he led her through the forest.
“I have yet to be named.” His voice hung heavy, like a lost puppy howling for help.  He did not look back as he guided her on their journey.
“Where are you taking me?”
“Conception.”  His voice quivered. She stopped and bent to his level staring him deep into the pools of blue that formed around his iris. His tears were her tears and she could feel them begin to weep.
“Why would you take me there?”  The boy shrugged and continued to walk pulling her behind him.  As he walked the colors of autumn wilted to the ground, birthing the vibrant colors of spring in its place.  He stopped in front of a small daisy and gently plucked it from the ground; he tugged at her hand and brought her to her knees.
“For you my mother.” He placed the daisy in her hair just above her ear.
“Why do you keep calling me that?”  Again he answered with a shrug.
“Just ahead lays Conception.” He pushed through a thicket of brush and entered his wonderland.  The waterfall greeted her as she entered.  She had been there before.
“Boy why did you bring me here?”  He skipped to the water’s edge and playfully laughed.
“Do you accept me now?”
“I don’t know what you mean, what am I to accept?”  He frowned and kicked a rock into the pool causing an enormous wave to break from the edges and crash to the other side. His anger was affecting the water, as he cried the pool grew in sorrow nipping at her ankles for answers.
“If you do not choose me I must go.” He looked at her in terror, staring down the deep blue sea now eating away the enchanted colors of spring around him.
“I do not know what you want from me.”  She cried.
“He does not want me . . . you do not want me . . . I am broken.”  The boy sat on the sand and cried into his arms.  His tears soaked into his skin and blossomed daisies, forming an army of freshly grown goose bumps along his forearms.
“I am just a child.”  She screamed.
A shadow emerged from the forest, not even the sun could bring life to the gloomy face encompassed in darkness. He stood a few feet from the boy silent and blank.
“See he has already chosen. Will you reject me as well?” The boy’s tears broke her heart, she wanted to comfort him.
The shadow stood awkwardly and watched them both attentively.  He was like everything else in this place  . . . familiar.  She studied the shadow, she knew he had the answers of what was happening to her but there was no way to read the black mass of nothing that consumed his face.  As he stepped towards her, clusters of ash would form from his footsteps. She knew that if she went with him that would be the end to the boy’s life.
The leaves wilted off her leaving her skin bare and cold.  She attempted to cover herself but her arms were frozen to her sides.
“Genevieve.” The shadow whispered.  “Keep our secret.”
She shivered with fear as he crept closer to her; his blackened hand reaching out and coating the ground with ash in each movement. The boy stood still his arms still reaching for her as well.   She was so young and naïve. Why did she have to make such a choice now?  Why was she being punished for playing with the magic she desired?
“Choose.” The both said in unison.
“It was a mistake!”  She cried.  She backed away from them; the pools cold water creeping up her skin as she waded deeper to its center.
“Don’t go Mother.” The boy cried.
“Keep our secret.” The shadow whispered.
She treaded the water as long as she could before finally giving herself over to the pool.  It swirled around and pulled her downward slowly killing off her breath and stealing the last of her heart beats that struggled to survive.  She sunk to the bottom, staring blankly at the waves of consequence that lapped above her.  She had chosen nothing.
I sat straight up in bed out of breath and drenched in my own sweat.  Disoriented I focused on the darkness of my room.  Was it only a dream?  The images felt so real but whimsical at the same time. Nothing like that could ever happen, except in a dream world.  Why would I even dream something so crazy? It was like I was watching a tripped up movie that someone only thought of because they were choking down acid.  What did it all mean anyways?  I sat in silence obsessing over the vivid images I just had. In my heart I knew I was trying to tell myself something. But what was it?  Was the dream supposed to be a warning?  Or worse was it supposed to be an omen?  In any aspect the dream scared the every loving crap out of me, and left my heart heavy and my mind lost.  I could only draw one conclusion from it . . . last night I made a huge mistake!
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So I decided that I am not in the mood to be deep or meaningful today.  So today's blog will be about nonsense.  Following are some random funny quotes and Weird Facts!  Hope you enjoy!  Weird Facts were obtained from,  and the Funny Quotes were obtained from .  Most Quotes are from Unknown Authors.

The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts 3 naked men with their hands on each others shoulders
(That's one weird conga line!)

"The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory." Unknown Author 
(So true, no wonder I get lost all the time! )

The location of the Mars face on Mars matches the location of Stone Henge in England
(Insert Twilight Zone theme song)

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid." Unknown Author
(Not that I'm judging, but it's true!)

The longest word is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis it has 45 letters!
(Try saying that four times really fast!)

"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils ..." - Louis Hector Berlioz  
(Yes everyone will die... eventually.)

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo contains a sentence with 823 words
(Who wants to read a sentence that long?

"Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the world together."Unknown Author
 (It's also good for silencing children and keeping them still . . . Kidding totally kidding!!!!)

Virgina Wolf wrote all her novels when she was standing up
(How could she feel her legs?)

"Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're gonna get."  Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks)
 (That's why I poke them to see what's inside.

 Jason W. Mitchiner is the first author ever to skydive with his published book. 
(Someone has a death wish!)

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monolouge - The inner thoughts of a unkown writer.

I wonder if I'm good enough . . . 

The hours I have spent on my computer creating this story, developing these characters who I hope the world will identify with, seems almost pointless. Is it only me who thinks that my story is worth reading?   I laugh with my characters, I cry as their tears drip, I can feel those intimate moments like I am watching them play out on a movie screen in front of me. And yet I sit here afraid to finish.

I wonder if I'm good enough . . . 

My dream is to become a successful writer. 
I want the following. People who empty the bookshelves when my newest piece hits the shelves, or download it like crazy on Amazon until it becomes a best seller.  My story has the potential--but I also thought my submission for the WOW writing contest had potential too.  I didn't even make it past the first round this time!  It's disappointing.  Should I even send out queries when I do finish my book?  With every no... that extra sliver of doubt creeps in and hangs at the back of my mind.  It's like im covered in parasites, negative ones that creep into my brain and leech over my self confidence until its consumed and discarded like a piece of Bazooka chewing gum. I'm doubting myself right now.  Doubting my talent or lack there of.   Does anyone even read this blog... or am I writing to myself.  

I wonder if I'm good enough . . . 

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