Saturday, April 28, 2012

W is for What if....

So I am stealing this topic from a fellow Blogger.  A.D.  Duling at

 The What If Game.  

We all play it, whether we like to admit or not.   What if I am not good enough, What if I had just did that differently,  What if the world ends tomorrow????  ( Actually according to the Mayans the world will end on December 21, 2012!!!   If you believe it!)

The What If Game is a common practice for people too scared to follow their dreams.   An example, a dude walks into a bar and sees a rabbi, priest and chaplain . . .  oh wait that is a joke.    I will use myself as an example.   My use of the What If Game is to sit at home and daydream of bigger things.   Here are my current what if thoughts I possess. . .

1:  What if I won the Lottery???  If you were like me then you ran to the gas station and played Mega Millions when it got up to that 600 million + jackpot!  The funny thing about that was I had two of the numbers and all of my other numbers were only a couple off from what the actual numbers were!  And where did I get those numbers?? Off my husbands fortune cookie wrapper!  But I always ask myself what I would do if I won the lottery.  Having that extra cash would be an amazing asset.  I would pay off all debt, and would buy my husband that truck he is wanting, then set up each of my kids a college fund resulting in quadruple digits.

2:  What if I became a famous writer???  That's the goal right?  To write that amazing manuscript that editors just have to have that they are practically banging down your door to get their hands on it. You want your book to be so popular that book shelves are empty and people are waiting outside the store when it's released just to get their hands on the next part of your series.  As a writer that's what I'm working for . . . fame . . . glory . . . the following.  I want to touch people with my words and have it effect them in a positive way. 

3: What if I fail ???   Yes failure plays an important part in my what if game.  I have the tendency to automatically go to the negative.   Bad thoughts happen before the good ones.   Like this upcoming Face Painting booth I am going to do. What if . . .  I get laughed at, or I don't get that many people because I'm not that good.   Ha!  I sound like I'm five, but those are the thoughts I get when I play the What if Game.

Whether you play the What if Game negatively or positively you must keep one thing in mind. 

You can always play the What if Game of Life, but if you never attempt to chase down your dreams or conquer your fears you will never win the game!

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:   Slimy worms covered in Ketchup . . .  Spaghetti

KID QUOTE OF THE DAY:   (A lesson from a post on March 31rst)

My son:  Mommy I love you . . .  That's a Statement!

Jadon Lavik - What if

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