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So I thought for P, I would share some of the poems I wrote over the years.  I was six or seven years old when I wrote my first poem.  It's kind of funny actually because I wrote it in five minutes when my mom left me alone to walk across the street for five minutes.  I got really super scared.  ( I was six or seven mind you) and instead of crying I picked up a pen and wrote the follow poem.  It actually got published in a book and everything!

Alone by Vanessa K.
I feel the quivers go down my chin,
I know the shivers will start again.
I feel my life pumping with air, 
scary things are everywhere.
Oh help I'm alone. 

It's hard to go through  my other poems and pick the ones I like the best, because I love them all.  So here are a couple I am proud of  .. .

Discrimination at It's End. by Vanessa K
Chaotic Suggestions,
moments of weakness,
to let go of familiarity,
to breathe. 
The constant struggle of reality against the indifference in the abnormal.
Longing for acceptance without reward.
The world is full of disappointment,
the disregard for individuality.
There are those moments where individuals step into the light and shine!
Why is being judgmental means for coolness?
Generations formed on the humiliation of others.
To feel better about oneself?
Why can't we face each other man to man,
looking past discrimination and shake it's hand?
The twenty-first century is cause for rehabilitation!
Fix the leaks caused by our ancestors,
Look past color, race and religion all becoming one!
One nation.
One world.
One universe.
Without war!
Without discrimination!
Without the suppression of one's self esteem.
The mind's way of power, is now at peace.
No longer shall one be afraid to be thyself.
To be an individual.
The twentieth century is behind us. 
Our path is being stoned.
We must follow!
Step past your need for acceptance.
Be that individual that shines.
When all individuality comes together world peace can happen!
Until then . . .
We are baby's learning to walk. 
We must waddle our way past discrimination,
take each others hand, 

Insanity by Vanessa K.
To be in love is insane,
A cacophony of emotions conjured up into a blank state of mind.
Pulling at you,
Tearing at you till you go mad!
Your heart is in shackles,
A straight jacket, 
Stabbing until it bounces off rubber walls.
All emotions balled into one.
Love is insanity,
To be with one person, 
Crazy it is.
Putting ever y feeling you have into one person.
The killer emotion of jealousy drives you to talk to people.
Voices in your head telling you love is wrong.
To be in love is madness.
But yet . . . 
Loving is right,
Everything at once. 
Love is insanity,
The explosive emotion leaving you breathless.
Love is a jubilee of feelings leaving you to hair of grey.
Love causes pain, like the slice of a knife against flesh.
Love causes confusion,
Wondering what is real.
Love is insanity,
Yet . . .
That in itself leaves a world of new experiences and Wonderland.
Love is insanity.  

I have many more poems and it would take forever to post them all, but that is just a snippet of some I did in high school.   Thanks for reading. 



Poem by Taproot



  1. i love your discrimination poem:)
    Happy A-Zing!


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