Saturday, April 28, 2012

X-RAY vision


What would you do if you possessed the ability to see under people's clothes, or get under their skin?  I always saw this "special ability"  talked about in super hero comics as completely perverted!  As a female, x-ray vision would probably be the last choice I would pick for a super power.  Sure seeing through walls would be an awesome way to keep tabs on my children and further prove that Mom's are all knowing, all seeing, and have eyes literally in the back of their head.  But seeing underneath people's clothing just to catch a glimpse of what they are packing underneath just doesn't seem appealing.   Yes I know that Superman used his xray vision to see through buildings and help save people. . .  but we all know he probably used in the wrong context at least once.   He is a guy after all.   Just kidding!

 If I could choose any super powers these would be my top 3
1.) Super Speed:   Imagine being able to clean your entire house in less than five minutes!

2.) The Money Gift:  Okay so I watch Dora the Explorer with my kids, and in this one episode Boots makes a wish that anytime he says the word bananas he would get a banana.  AWESOME!  So I decided I want to be able to say the word MONEY and anytime I do thousands of real not counterfeit hundred dollar bills would fall from the sky.   MONEY MONEY MONEY . . .  guess it didn't work.

3.)  Finally   the ability to eat without getting fat, sick, or causing tooth decay . . .   Calories would mean nothing to me and sugar would be my best friend, and my teeth would be a glittering display of white enamel polished for perfection.

So there you have it my top three super powers I would want to possess   . . .  if you could choose three what would they be?

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:  Steak, Baked Potatoes, and Corn on the cob  (frequents are pallets now that my hubby is back)


My daughter:  Knock Knock
My son: Whose there?
My daughter:  Lamb in the house
My son:  Lamb in da house who?
MY daughter:  Lamb in the house bibbdy bouse!
(hey at least she rhymed


I can see clearly now - Jimmy Cliff


  1. My 3 would be:

    1. Super human strength.
    2. Ability to warp time to my and others needs.
    3. Perpetual healthy life.


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