Monday, April 16, 2012


So I was going to do something meaningful and spectacular for L.  Like love, or Longing, .  Something along those lines, but then Oklahoma has been hit with a barrage of thunderstorms, and unfortunately killer tornadoes. So instead I have decided to write about Lightning, and Mother Nature's fury.

Mother Nature's power has always been amazing to me.  In one moment she can wipe out an entire community by wielding her massive Titans on the world.   Tornadoes, Floods, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, even the common bolt of Lightning can kill someone within an instant.

Growing up in Nevada I never really worried about Mother Nature's power over me.   Earthquakes would happen occasionally but I was never afraid if the ground shook beneath me.   Then I got married and moved to Oklahoma . . .  within a few weeks of living here I was terrified of her power.  The storms in Oklahoma are ten times more powerful then the ones I saw in Nevada.  Thunder shakes your house, the rain comes down like a wall of water, and the lighting not only streaks the sky but strikes the ground and springs back up. Luckily I haven't seen a tornado. . . yet . . . and hopefully I never will.   But I did live through a freak inland hurricane that brought down the trees and flooded my front yard. (Only in Oklahoma)

For what it's worth, you have to stand in awe when Mother Nature unleashes her weathered titans.  I love staring up at the sky as lightning brightens the clouds and the thunder echoes off the lush, green, farmland.  Tornadoes are massive spinning vortex's of dirt and debris capable of dismembering every brick on  my home, but I would still like to see one from afar... not close enough to cause anyone harm but far off in a field or on a television set.  

It's devastating to think of the destruction Mother Nature can cause, but it is also humbling.  We are but mere pawns surrounded by her loving arms.   Occasionally she will pick up some pieces and throw them around her Earthly chessboard.  Letting us all know we are at her mercy. As long as we take care of her and all her creations . . .  she will take care of us. So don't take her for Granted I SURE DON'T!

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:  Inside Out Cheeseburgers (yes as good as they sound!)


My Son:  (Crying because he can't find the Remote)  I cant find the Mote
Me:  It's up your booty
My Son: (Looks at his butt and shakes his head)  No it's not, it no fit up there.


Power - Snap

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