Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Going for the Jugular . . . 

Defined at as : to attack a vital and vulnerable trait, feature, element, etc., in an attempt to overcome somebody or something swiftly and totally. 

So where does this come into play with my writing?  Well I believe that you can't pussy foot around certain topics or subjects just because they are taboo, or because not everyone will respect it.   Take for example writing about homosexuality.  Why is it so hard for people to take?  I think every character has a story, and if one of my characters has a problem adapting to life because they are struggling to find themselves as they explore their sexuality then so be it.   It's amazing to me that editors are so scared of posting the truth.   The world is full of people, these people are all different!  Different lifestyles, different beliefs, different values. Not everyone is going to be straight, not everyone is going to be gay but why can't you write about both without feeling vulnerable and dirty?

The same goes for sex scenes in books.   OMG not sex in a YA book, it will tell kids that it is okay to have sex!  Um... no.   Not every book with a sex scene is trying to paint the picture of a perfect romance.  Sex, whether we like it or not, is growing in our society.   Kids are experimenting at younger ages, whether it's by choice or because they have some messed up reason as to why they feel the need to participate in adult situations. At any rate, educate the children on the consequences!  Throw in their faces the reality of becoming a parent at 16 or 17 years old!  Talk about abortion, give them the chance to consider the difference between pro life and pro choice. Inflict a character with a nasty disease only contracted by participating in unprotected sex.  I mean, why not? Seriously if we whisper in privacy about such important topics then kids will never see the importance of abstinence or being protected if they do decide to have sex.   It doesn't mean  you have to be vulgar, it doesn't mean you have to go into every nitty gritty detail until your reader is embarrassed by picturing such things.  Just write what you feel, and hopefully your readers will accept you and your ideas!
So here is my suggestion . . .


Shock your readers with your characters, throw that homosexual character in their face and give them a chance them to accept him/her.   Just like life you are going to have people who will not accept your opinion, they may even put down the book after they find out your character is not what they expected.  But who cares?  Love your characters, give your readers something to ponder and think about!  Hopefully after they are done they will come away from your book with a better understanding of that touchy subject, and maybe just maybe, you will make a difference in that one life that was teeter tottering on the edge of that roof, debating on whether to jump.   Isn't that what every author strives for?  To affect your readers in a positive way? 

No matter what I will always go for the jugular when it comes to my writing . . .  I'm not afraid to talk about risky subjects, or create controversial characters.   If you put restraints on the creative process then you might as well shackle your self to the ground and conform to the majority.  I'd rather be free to express myself, and hopefully when I do, my readers will respect me for it and support it.

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  1. Like your thinking. Going for the jugular in our writing can open up doors (and people's minds). Thanks for the insight. My son is only 9 but I have a long road of this ahead!

  2. My kids are 6 and 3, and I know for sure I will have a long road ahead for me as well... but that is all part of being a parent.

  3. I think this is a very good point. You should always write about real people, even if some do not want to accept them.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding


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