Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ending it all . . .

The systematic structure of a story is simple . . .  there is a Beginning, a Middle, and the End.

In my mind the best way to start a story is to just write it.   Outlining helps me out a little bit, but overall once the words have attached to the paper the rest follows.  Or it should.  

My current story started from scratch.   November first to be exact because of the Nanowrimo challenge.   My fingers flew as I typed and  constructed my first couple chapters. I knew who my characters were, I knew where I wanted to take them, and I knew what the outcome would be for them in the end.   Then came the problem . . . after the month of Nanowrimo excitement ended it was hard for me to keep going.   Sometimes a couple chapters would develop within a couple days, other days I struggled to get even a few words added to my book.  On those days I felt defeated a giant wall of BLOCKAGE stood in front of me, keeping me from going on.   At that point I didn't know what to do.  I knew who my characters were, I had developed their persona's and breathed life into the blank shell of body they start out with. I turned them into someone the reader could identify with.   But after that I couldn't grasp the words that would eventually lead up to their ending.  The ending was like a movie, it's images projecting over and over in my mind.  I could see the ending, but leading up to it was just not going to happen. . .

It was then I realized I had to break my pattern and jump.  I dropped the middle of my story and went straight into the ending.   It came easily, I knew what I wanted my main character to go through.   The struggles she was going to face. I knew exactly what I wanted to happen to her.  Within a few days my ending was done!  My character had reached their climax and their story had ended!   Only one problem with that though, the giant gap from Chapter 19 - to whatever chapter the ending turns out to be.  Frustrated I stare at my story now the only life a blinking cursor which seems to taunt me. 

Blink .. .  write more . . .  Blink  . . . haha I win . . . Blink . . . I got nothing.

There are only a few more scenes to tie up my story, so technically is my middle really my ending?   And why is it those last few chapter that are the hardest to write?   The Middle has always been my nemesis.   Ending is not the hard part for me, it is and will always be the Middle.   Those climatic strings that weave your story together.  Without it what do you have?  A broken loom of mismatched words and characters full of holes. 

What is the hardest for you to write?  The Beginning, the Middle, Or the End?
Thanks for Reading!

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:   Pork chops of some sort


My son:  Mommy make me a waffle
My husband:  What do you say if you want Mommy to make you a waffle?
My son:  Make me a waffle please.
Me:  Give me the puppy eyes and I'll make you a waffle.
My son looks at me, looks down in his arms and hands me the stuffed puppy in his hand and walks away.  The puppy's eyes staring up at me for approval.
LOL he definitely got his waffle after that one.


Linkin Park - In the End


  1. Lol I liked the kid's story :)

  2. Yeah it had me cracking up for quite awhile! thanks for reading my blog!


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