Sunday, April 29, 2012

Y is for Yikes

So I thought I'd share something humbling, funny, quirky, and a little bit weird about myself with my readers. It's an irriational fear that I got as a child and continue to have to this day. 

It started around the age of seven . . . I could have been older or younger, but I don't remember a lot from that period of my life, so I don't know for sure.   My mother told me about this awesome "family movie"  that was amazing and I would absolutely love because it is a treasured classic.  

I watched the movie with my mother and the beloved classic turned into a traumatic experience for me.   I instantly became stricken with fear, the main character was supposed to be cute and lovable  instead I was afraid of him . . . everything about him.  I finished the whole movie and that night had terrible nightmares, from then on I could never watch the movie again--and to this day I still cannot.  

People call my fear irrational, they make fun of me for it.  The fact that I am so completely terrified by this children's classic causes people to judge me.   I know that my fear is irriational, I know it sounds stupid and is completely asinine . . . but it's my fear and I am no longer afraid to hide it.

So what movie caused this crazy fear of mine...  why can't I see his face, hear the music, watch a clip, or even see a snippet of this movie?   What is the movie my kids will never watch in my presence, or ever be played in my house while I'm home.  Well here goes I am going to admit it now to everyone . . . 

Hi my name is Vanessa,  and I am deathly terrified of E.T.!!!!!

(By the way the fact that I just put his name on my blog is a very big step for me . . .  almost regretting it now!)



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