Thursday, April 19, 2012

Questions about Query's

So as I near the home stretch of finishing my novel the dread of pursuing the world of publication looms over me. So I thought what better way to enter the world of Q, then to ask questions about Query writing.

I am hoping some of my readers out there may be going through the process, or have been through the process of submitting queries if so here are my questions.

1.) How long have you been sending out queries?  Or  How long did it take you before your query was finally accepted?

2.) How many revisions have you done to your query since you started sending them around?

3.) How long in word length is your current query?

4.) For those who have been blessed with their works in print.  How long did it take you to get finally published?  Months?  Years?

5.) Rejections?  If so how many have you received?  Or did you receive before that big YES!

6.) What is your best advice in writing a query?

7.)  And finally . . . Has anyone thought about Quitting or quit (oh look another Q word) because of the rejection letters or the long tedious process of trying to get published?

If anyone wants to answer my questions that would be great!  Thanks for reading.

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