Sunday, April 1, 2012

The April Fool

The Day of Fools. . .   A day where Jokesters pull pranks, lies become common punch lines for one-sided jokes.   And a day where it is okay to embrace laughter in the expense of others.   

It is also the day I was born. 

So here I am 30 years after being brought into this world, forever branded The April Fool.

It's probably the hardest day to have a birthday besides maybe being born on Leap Year. (Imagine only being 12 when you're 30.  That would be rough!)

The truth is ever since I was born I was the butt of my parents own inside Joke.  Three jokes to be exact.     It started with their Honeymoon, they trekked across the country in my dad's blue van to New York where my dad grew up.   My dad took my mom on the Maiden Voyage, and the curse was born.  Ye who dares to take the Maiden Voyage on their Honeymoon will be pregnant within a year.   (No one told my parents it would be that night!)

Joke Number One:   I will forever be known as the 'Mail Man's Kid'   The reason behind this is simple.   My Father was not supposed to have kids . . . they go on this Voyage and BAM!!!!  I was conceived that NIGHT!   Because of my Father's supposed inability to have children he jokes about me being the Mail Man's Kid.   (Of course I was blessed with his creative Artistic ability, and certain other features which in no doubt places me as his one and only child. LOVE YOU DAD!!!

Nine months later Jokes Two and Three come forth.   The pregnancy was breezy,  mom took it like a champ.  Then in the middle of a freak Nevada Blizzard at the end of March my mom starts getting the pains of labor.   My dad and grandparents cart her off to the hospital where a nurse insists that my mother is not in labor, and sends her back out into the cold.    It took almost hour to get home, the weather incredibly bad, and impossible to drive in.   The pains never left and she forced my grandparents and dad to take her back to the hospital, where she finds out she truly is in labor.  Man did that nurse get an earful..

Joke Number Two:  Ha ha April Fools you really are having the baby.  At 12:51 April First I was born, my father pacing the hallway with a pocket full of candy bars and nerves enough to rattle Seattle. Both of them beaming over their beautifully bald baby girl.

The final Joke is on me I guess. . . .    My name.

According to my mother they had a very specific reason to finally settle on my name.   I was either going to be Veronica or Vanessa...   Both of my parents names start with a V  so therefore of course I would have to be named with a V as well.

Joke Number Three:  And here she is  VANessa . . . That's right folks my mother named me VANessa because supposedly that crazy honeymoon night I was conceived in my fathers VAN.
(Can we say tooooooooooooooooooooo much Information?????)  :D

So as if on cue, my birthday has always been a series of happenstances and jokes.   From Conception to the day I was born . . .  The inside joke has always been me.   ( A pretty great Joke if you ask me)

Do people believe me when I say today is my birthday?   NO!!!

Once I had to bust out my birth certificate just to prove to a girl in my class before going on a class trip to Mexico that my birthday was really on April First. 

Do I love to play practical jokes and prank people on my birthday?  NO!!! 

Actually I'm usually the one getting pranked.  My 21rst birthday my whole family gave me Rocks.  I got other presents too but most of my presents that year were ROCKS!!!  

So no matter what people think about those who are born on April Fools Day, Not all of us are tricksters and Liars. I maybe the butt of a inside joke but that's just me . . .  my parents child.  

The April Fool.  

Happy Birthday to me and all my other April Fools Babies out there! 

Thanks for reading.

WHAT'S FOR DINNER: My husband made me Steak and Corn on the cob!  It was AMAZING!

KID QUOTE OF THE DAY:   Mommy you hurt my life!  (At least I just hurt his life, he told my husband after getting back from Afghanistan that he Broke his life.  I'll take hurting over Breaking any day :D)


Bruno Mars -  The Lazy Song


  1. I have a cousin who's a leap year kid, and know others born on Halloween and Christmas, but I never even considered the problems of being born in April 1st. Goodness! You seem to do okay though ^_^

  2. Yeah I do! :D You pretty much have to have a great sense of humour in order to be born an April Fools Baby!

  3. There's definitely a story brewing in all this...

    I was a honeymoon baby too-- though, not a maiden voyage honeymoon baby, thankfully :-)


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