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Hunger Games takes a bite out of Twilight and leaves me starving for more!

Okay so I told a couple of my friends that I already had my H-blog planned.  I wanted to compare The Hunger Games to Twilight.   The responses I received ranged from--there is no way to compare them because they are both totally different; but I'm interested in seeing what you come up with. To huh,  that would be interesting.   So I am just going to compare the first books in each series.  (I'm only half way through book 2 on the Hunger Games anyways)

Because I don't read very often, I base the stories I do pick up to read, on what I hear from other people. Take Twilight for example . . .  I heard from numerous people that it was the best book they have ever read.  That the story was amazing and they couldn't put it down.  I decided to see the movie first I was going to decide then, if I wanted to read the books.   So I sat in the theater, popcorn and soda in hand, and watched the movie.   I loved it!  I thought the visual effects were great when Edward saved Bella from the crashing car, I also liked when the big fight scene between James and the Cullen family happens at the end.  Although, I did not like how the Vampires sparkled, and how completely useless Bella is portrayed in the movie, or Edward's needy constipation-like face.  Regardless,  I immediately ran and bought the box set of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer to see what happens next.  

I was hit with overwhelming disappointment.  I found Stephanie Meyer's writing style to be juvenile, (yes I know it is a young adult book)  but her story lacked the description I felt it really deserved.  When I read I want to be immersed in the world the Author creates, I want to be able to feel the rain, or see the destruction, Twilight was just . . . well . . . blah to me.  It took me almost a month to read the book, not because I was busy but because of my boredom and lack of interest.  The very first page should be an indication of how good a book will be, and Twilight's first page was as boring as the white eyelet shirt Bella wore.

I had a major hesitation to read the Hunger Games.  I was afraid, of another Twilight repeat.   (Loving the movies but hating the books. Well more like a low loathing which left me not finishing the book series at all.)
It was when I heard from one of my best friends, (whose opinion on books/movies I really respect) and my husband, (who I never pictured in a million years reading the Hunger Games) both told me about how excellent the books were.  So instead of trumping to the theater this time, I was determined to read the book first.

I tore open my copy of the Hunger Games and read . . . It was amazing.   The first page grips you, even if the first half of the books is a little slow it still made me want to keep reading.   Suzanne Collins descriptions were vivid, I felt like I was in District 12, starving, covered in coal dust, and emotional over Katniss's struggle to save her sister Prim from the Hunger Games. I hit the middle of the book where she is thrust into the Arena and I couldn't put it down--literally!   I sat on my couch reading until I finished the whole book.  It was instant book chemistry with me and the Hunger Games, it also has to be one of my all time favorite reads ever!

Why do I prefer Hunger Games to Twilight, (besides the obvious superior writing talent Suzanne Collins has to Stephanie Meyer)  I identified with the lead female character more in the Hunger Games.   I hated how weak Bella was, she had to constantly be saved by Edward or Jacob.  She was also whiny and annoying.  Whereas Katniss is strong and talented.  Not only did she support her family from the age of 12 on, she also survived a  battle  to the death while dragging along her supposed love interest Peeta with her. 

The male leads in Hunger Games were also more endearing.   Peeta and Gale are both protective of Katniss, but in very different ways.   Not to say Edward and Jacob weren't protective over Bella, they were,  But Edward I found to be complicated, a little on the feminine side, constipated throughout most of the book and most of all weak.   Jacob was just plain whiny and overall a big baby.   In my opinion neither one proved to be a admiring love interest.  I sure wouldn't have chosen them.

Overall I felt that the Hunger Games was by far superior to Twilight.  From beginning to end, it left me wanting more and engrossed me in the story.   I felt Katniss's pain, heartache and sorrow.  I didn't resent her, or hate her . . . I wanted to be as strong as her.  

So there you go, I guess I am too tired to do a more in depth comparison of the two books but there is a snippet of how I feel. 

Thanks for Reading!

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:  Homemade Ranch hamburgers, Green bean fries, and regular fries (for the kiddos)


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