Saturday, April 7, 2012

Groping the Keyboard

Gee, it was hard for me to think of a G!

My theme for my blog has been about writing . . . the process  . . .  all my thoughts and feelings that go into every word I type on my computer. I've made it about my novels or shared with you my favorite books. So you would think it would be easy to find a great topic for today, But for some reason G was very difficult.  The only things I could think of writing about were Grapes, Graduation, and Gross Income.... weird. 

So then I started thinking of other G words and groping came immediately to mind.  It was then I realized that I have developed a very intimate relationship with my laptop.   (Don't worry not in a sicko way)  But if you think about it, as a writer you spend most of your time engrossed in your own little world.  You spend your time typing or hand writing your story from the very beginning, till the very end, and most of your time, ( If you write your stories on a computer like me) is spent groping your keyboard.

In my case my laptop has become my outlet.   Whether it's writing my novel, or communicating with friends that are too far away. It has helped me express myself.  It knows my deepest thoughts and feelings, and even keeps some secrets for me.   I've spent more hours on my keyboard caressing the keys, than I probably have with anything else in my house.  My fellow writers should know exactly what I'm talking about!   So as weird as it sounds I guess I am extremely guilty of groping my keyboard. 

When it breaks, or has  a virus I get anxious, I need it fixed immediately!  Without it I feel lost.   If my kids decide to play with it, I get mad.   Possessive even.   I hate when anyone but me touches it.  I'm suddenly getting the urge to back into a corner, hunch over my laptop and shake as I say "My precious . . ."  in a growling, hushed whisper.

Well there you have it.... my little secret..... I grope my keyboard.   How about you?  Are you as guilty of groping the keyboard as I am?

WHAT'S FOR DINNER:     Hot Dogs and Mac n Cheese


My little Secret - XSCAPE

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  1. I must confess -- I too am a keyboard groper. I used to write all of my drafts out by hand first, then type them up, but that became SO tedious. "My Precious..." Love it. =]


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