Monday, April 16, 2012

Monolouge - The inner thoughts of a unkown writer.

I wonder if I'm good enough . . . 

The hours I have spent on my computer creating this story, developing these characters who I hope the world will identify with, seems almost pointless. Is it only me who thinks that my story is worth reading?   I laugh with my characters, I cry as their tears drip, I can feel those intimate moments like I am watching them play out on a movie screen in front of me. And yet I sit here afraid to finish.

I wonder if I'm good enough . . . 

My dream is to become a successful writer. 
I want the following. People who empty the bookshelves when my newest piece hits the shelves, or download it like crazy on Amazon until it becomes a best seller.  My story has the potential--but I also thought my submission for the WOW writing contest had potential too.  I didn't even make it past the first round this time!  It's disappointing.  Should I even send out queries when I do finish my book?  With every no... that extra sliver of doubt creeps in and hangs at the back of my mind.  It's like im covered in parasites, negative ones that creep into my brain and leech over my self confidence until its consumed and discarded like a piece of Bazooka chewing gum. I'm doubting myself right now.  Doubting my talent or lack there of.   Does anyone even read this blog... or am I writing to myself.  

I wonder if I'm good enough . . . 

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  1. You should definitely send out queries. Just be sure to use spellcheck!! Sometimes even the best of spellers mistype things once in a while (monologue "'an' unknown"). And you have over 600 blog hits--so yes we are reading! Don't let yourself be discouraged-your worst critic is yourself.

  2. Every writer wonders this, even those who are published multiple times. It's the ongoing writer insecurity. Cure is to keep going!

    Nice to meet you, and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

  3. Hello, Vanessa! I have these thoughts multiple times in a day. Most writers and creative people do , I expect! YES your story is worth reading!! And just because you didn't win a contest doesn't mean your story isn't good. You have to remember that there are thousands of us writers trying to make it big out there. Your time will come! Keep writing and submitting. Keep writing and submitting. Keep writing and submitting!

    My post for the letter P tomorrow is on persistence–quotes from writers for writers. Check it out for some inspiration and motivation!

    Hope you have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!


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