Monday, April 2, 2012

Believing in Yourself

Believe in yourself . . . . .

Sounds simple right?  But if you don't believe in your work,  if you don't believe in yourself, then who will believe in you?  Potential publishers and agents would take one look at you and turn the other way.  If you lack the self confidence to back your work with a steel plated backbone, then you are surely to crumble under the weight and pressure of the stressful writing world.   Rejection is going to be awaiting behind almost every door that you reach to open. It will smack you hard, leaving you stunned and disoriented.   But it's okay, because you have to remember when one door slams another one will open. 

Here I am preaching about believing in yourself, when it's one quality I lack. 

I think its this common fear of rejection that mainly keeps me from continuing my pursuit of becoming a published author.  I mean, what if I got a letter saying "Don't quit your day job! or  You're about as talented as a toeless cat trying to claw its image into the back of a couch!"    Yes it is silly . . .  but that is what goes through my head.

So how does one begin the stage of believing in themselves?

First you need to ooze confidence.  Become that festering blister in a publisher's foot, sell them your work, let them know that your story needs to be heard!  Eventually that blister will get the attention it deserves.  (Gross comparison I know, but that's just how my mind works!)

Second you need to believe in your work.

If you're looking at that final draft and say to yourself.  "This sucks, no one will publish this . . ."  Then it probably will not get published.   You're writing should make you feel like you're holding your first child.  The hours of sweat and tears you gave just to push out those words  you carried inside of you for months; leave you overflowing with a numbness and a undying love, that you will hold dear to you forever. 

I am not an avid reader.  (GASP!) But It's true.  I would rather immerse myself in the psychosis of my warped mind, giving a voice to the movies that play throughout my brain; then sit on my bed and imagine the worlds created by others.  (Although the Hunger Games does have me pretty enthralled right now.) But as i flip through the pages of my work in progress I can't help but feel excited!  I really feel like it has the potential to go all the way.   As I write more chapters and edge to the closing of my story my confidence builds . . . my shoulders getting stronger and are ready for the rejection letters that are sure to come . . . and hopefully awaiting that one word you want to hear . . . Yes.

Believing in yourself . . . 

So easy and yet so hard at the same time. For now I think the best bet is to take baby steps.  Start with buying a stamp . . . Stick it to the outside of that ivory envelope and include that Query letter that will blow their minds.  Then all have to do is wait and hold your breath.

 Writing is a roller coaster, you will feel bumps . . . you may get a bruise or two but overall it's one hell of a ride when you get to the end.



" I'm the first Snuggle Buggle!"

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  1. yep...I think confidence is the hardest attribute to come by--- it's not like you can practice being confident, right? I mean, I guess you can pretend to be confident and hope that doing it long enough the trait will stick... but who knows :-)


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