Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's Almost Time! The A-Z Blog Challenge is only a few days Away!

Every year I re-awaken my blog to participate in the A-Z blog challenge.  If it were a book, my blog would be a dusty paperback sitting high on a bookshelf collecting dust and partying with the dust mites. Neglect, procrastination, and life rearing it's ugly head has forced my blog to become a mere after thought to my life in general.  Actually I haven't been neglecting writing, just my blog! I have been working on editing my teen romance novel, it's going by slowly but I am working on it. (One day I will be published . . . One Day)

I have been living in the world of NA and YA.  (New Adult and Young Adult) so much that it seems to be flowing through my veins.  From literature to movies and from movies to music I have immersed myself into the world of YA and made myself a home.

So this year for the A-Z Blogging challenge I have decided to make my love for YA come to life!  My blog this year will consist of Movies, music, books, and television shows that are completely influenced by the world of young adults.  Or should I say those rebel rousing, misfit teenagers we all have grown to love. I have also decided as the letters go by I will introduce the influential characters of my teen romance book series and some back story on them.

Hopefully by the end of my blog others will fall in love with the Young Adult/New Adult world just as much as I have! 

A-Z here I come!

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