Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Challenge Begins . . . The Year of Abandoment a Distant Memory.

So I tried to be a good blogger and then it happened . . .

The cold smack of reality and laziness hit me and my blog was emptied for over a year!!
How dare she do this to me!  Why did she leave so abruptly?

The truth is Life happened. 

You would think being a military wife and stay at home mother would leave a plethora of time to sit at my computer and write a blog,  but in fact it didn't.   I became obsessed, completely scrapped my old novel and wrote a new one.   (Well almost finished I should say) It started because of Nanowrimo.   A couple friends of mine told me about the challenge and I dared to accept it!   And guess what I achieved it and then some.   50,000 plus words were written within two weeks, and by the end of the month 60k or more was written on a novel that is nearly finished!

Its exciting and exhilarating all at the same time.  I wrote as much as I could, and now that I am only a few chapters from completing it I wimped out on writing once again!   A labor of love they call it.    But alas it is not the novels fault that I strayed from my blog.  Life reared its ugly head, and the big Monster of depression over took me, I couldn't focus on my book or a blog.  The fear of losing the one I love while he fought over seas became too much and the only thing I could wrap my creative mind around was stupid Facebook games.   DAMN YOU PIONEER TRAIL!!!! 

So here I am almost a year later ready to try my hand at blogging once again.  (UPDATE:  The husband is back and safe.  He did have some scares while he was over there.  A couple of close calls that were too close for my own taste. Probably the reason I was such a stress case for awhile!)

What brought me back . . .

The A-Z Blogging challenge'

So there you go . . .  I'm back for another go and hopefully this time I can stick to it! Expect an Alphabetical Collaboration for the month of April and hopefully during this time I can grab some more followers and make some new friends.   Good night all and happy Writing!

What's For Dinner:   It was my husbands birthday so we went out to eat!  Yummy Burgers at a local restaurant.

Kid Quote of the Day:

My son:  Mommy I have a questionion  (and yes it is misspelled for interpretation on how my son says the word question)

Me: Ok what is your question?

My son:   I love you that is the question

Me:  That is more of a statement than a question

My son:   So what is a question?


Song of the Day:
Cher: You Haven't Seen the Last of Me 

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