Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Distraction Decides to Detour Direction

Distracting me from writing is very easy.

Give me a television, a new video game,  (Yes mom's play video games too!)  A three year old screaming over a dropped cookie, or a mess so big it's just too bothersome to ignore and my writing goes through the window.

If you think about it a lot of D words are used to focus your attention in a different way.  Distraction, Detour, Derail, Direction, Disguise . . .  I am sure there are many more but I cannot think of any off the top of my head.  Maybe it is the letter D that is my nemesis . . .  it's sole purpose to misdirect my creative process and turn my mind into a pile of mushy goo that is incapable of producing a finished novel. 

So here are my current Distractions . . .

1.)  My family -  Two Children who need my undivided attention 24-7.   A husband who just returned from over seas. And pets . . .  All of the above drive me completely crazy sometimes!

2.)  The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword.  
This game has me enthralled  I cannot help but play it almost every day . . .  I want to beat it . . .   I have to beat it!

3.)  Facebook -  Self explanatory.  Half of the world is distracted by Facebook and other Internet Media outlets such as Twitter. (Which I still don't get . . . I mean come on, who needs an up to date every minute account of a person's life.)

4.)  The Hunger Games - It is a very hard book to put down . . .

5.)  Writer's Block-   As the end nears . . .  the words are getting harder to bring out of me.

So there are my Distractions.  What are yours?



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  1. I have ADD so I'm always fighting distraction! My kids are grown but I have needy dogs who always want to go out - and in - and out . . . I'm like a doorman! I agree, facebook - and other social media - are a big distraction!

  2. I think as we grow all parents develop a form of ADD ... mine is a defense mechanism against the constant questions from my little mini me's! i have selective hearing...


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