Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday's Inspiring Songs A-C

So I thought since it's so hard to pick only one artist that has songs that inspire me that I would use Sunday as a way to put up some of the previous letters A-L artists that I did not get to mention and the songs that inspire my creativity.

So For A . . .

I really like Andy Grammar and his song Keep Your Head Up
I really enjoy very powerful and motivational songs, and Andy's song inspires positivity, happiness and overall joy through every bone in my body when I listen to it.

I also like Alter Bridge  Open Your Eyes


And Avenge Sevenfold's  Seize the Day.  

I like this song so much that I actually gave it a shot out in my book I'm writing.


For the letter B . . .

I really enjoy B.O.B Airplanes Part II featuring Haley Williams and Eminem.  I think the song is extremely powerful.  I love the message that he is sending.  It's almost like the whole song is about if you could go back and change certain key aspects of your life, where would you be now? We all do it . . . we play the what if game.   What if I did this, what if this didn't happen. It's human nature to reflect on the past and think what would happen if you could change just one little something. How many people have looked up into the night sky and saw a airplane and for a moment you wished it was a shooting star because there was something in your life that you are wishing for that you need to come true.   


One of my favorite songs of all time is Glycerine by Bush. This song has touched me since it came out in the 90's.  It's haunting melody seems to sing through my bones and chill my spine.  It puts me in this almost trance like quality and slices open every creative vein I have leaving me breathless and full of ideas.

Another B song that inspires me is  Bad English   When I See you Smile But maybe it's because all power ballads from the 80's seem to speak to my inner core.  Just hearing a 80's hairband song while I'm writing seems to break free my inner writer and allow my creative juices flow out of me. 

Let's "C" the C songs that Inspire me . . .

Cyndi Lauper Time after Time.  This song is a classic, I love her sultry voice and the way the song makes me feel when I listen to it.   


I also enjoy the song  Don't Dream it's over by Crowded House


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