Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Ingrid Michaelson

So as I have gotten older my taste in music has drastically changed . . .

As a teenager I grew up listening to Rap, R and B, Rock,   as per-mentioned in the E post I use to love Eminem's music but being a mother I just don't find myself listening to Rap music much anymore.  I am being drawn to the soft rock scene such as Ingrid Michaelson, I love her up beat melodies, I love how none of her songs sound similar, and I love how she is a unique artist that no one can compare to. 

There was an article I read about Ingrid where she was asked how often she is recognized.  She told him that she can walk into a store and no one knows who she is, but once she hands them her credit card they comment on their being a singer with that name.   How funny is that?  To be famous, a artist who makes beautiful music, but no one seems to recognize you out in the world.

I then think about the idea of becoming a famous writer and if I would want to be recognized.  Of course I would love to write something so amazing that I get that following, sell millions of books, and have my story shared with the world.  But would I want to lose the privacy of my home life?  Would I want to be sitting at a restaurant with my kids and husband only to be bombarded with requests for autographs or book signings?  Yes . . .No . . .  I guess until you hit that status of famous author you really can't answer the question of whether you would want your privacy back.

My favorite song by Ingrid is  . . .  The Way I am. Although this video could do without clowns...

My least favorite song by Ingrid is  . . .  You and I 

The song that inspires me creatively by Ingrid is . . .  Ghost

The song is amazing. I don't think a person can go through life without feeling like a ghost.  Lost and alone, disembodied, invisible these are all feelings people go through when they long to be accepted by others.  As a writer you always feel invisible.  Most readers connect with the characters of your book, they do not necessarily connect with the writer themselves.  Therefore, the author will always be a ghost floating in the background, unseen by the naked eye, unheard unless directly spoken to, and as invisible glass, forever to be a dim fixture as they are out shined by their own creation.

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  1. Great post. I love Ingrid as well. She's a hometown girl for me to, so I always have to show some Staten Island pride whenever I can.
    As for the celebrity status, I wonder about this too. I was a high school teacher here on SI for 12 years and while its not the same as being a famous author, you do gain what I used to call "teach-lebrity" where you get recognized everywhere. There were days I loved it and other times when I just wasn't in the mood to be "on". So I imagine being famous is like that, but on steroids. I'd like to be an Ingrid-type celebrity. That's just about my pace :)


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