Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Jason Mraz

I know I have had a lot of soft rock/type music on this blog but Jason Mraz has to be by far one of my favorite artists.   His music is so inspiring, beautiful, everything I look for when I am searching for new music to enjoy.  

I was actually able to see him in concert when he came up to Tulsa.  It was amazing! I was so close that I felt like I could touch him! He was funny and witty and his concert was so enjoyable that I only wish I could see him again! 

My favorite song by Jason Mraz is  . . .  I'm Yours.
  This is the song I listen to you when I am in a foul mood. For some reason this song just opens up every happy bone I have and leaves me with gigantic smiles.   

My least favorite song by Jason Mraz is  . . .  You F*cking did it.  Now it's not that I'm against profanity in songs.  But I personally do not view Jason as this type of artist.  I believe the F-word was not needed in this song, even if was as a joke.   So this falls into my least favorite song by Jason Mraz.

The song that inspires me creatively by Jason Mraz is Living in the Moment. 

The acoustic guitar in the background in the song instantly hits me,  I love the soft melody and the smoothness in his voice.  I like the song because it expresses how everyone should live in the moment, planning everything out in advance can be repetitive and uneventful.  Basically this song says be yourself, have fun and live your life!

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  1. Another artist I like a lot....does not seem to get his due...


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