Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for P!nk!

Yup that's right the infamous Pink is my muse for P. 

I've loved Pink since she first came onto the scene in the early 90's with her hit There You Go.
It was her Mizzunderstood album though that really spoke to me.  Every song on that album was amazing, I loved her voice when she croons out the love ballads, her struggle with fitting in, you could feel the angst put into making the album.  

My favorite song by Pink is  . . .  Lonely Girl a duet she did with Linda Perry. . .

My least Favorite song by Pink is  . . . Stupid Girls.  Although I really don't hate any songs by Pink!


The song that inspires me by Pink is . . . Don't let me Get me.


And just because I love Pink so much here are some other great songs!



Misery Duet with Steven Tyler


And Raise Your Glass


  1. Hooking up with Perry was a stroke of genius for Pink.

    She won me over when she did the NFL theme (a reworking of Joan Jett's "Hate Myself For Loving You") and followed that with "U And Ur Hand," making me realize she wasn't all just dance-pop but could rock!

  2. Yes it definitely was a stroke of genius for them to get together but unfortunately Pink got jealous that Perry was helping out her rival Christina and they parted ways. ... But it was Perry that helped her career and for that she should be grateful!


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