Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday's Inspiring Songs D-G

So there aren't as many more songs that inspire me in the D-G category leaving me to put more letters together.

The letter D I have  . . .

Demi Lovato - This is Me This is song is from the Camp Rock Soundtrack but I absolutely love it because it is very inspiring.  When you are wishing to become someone famous, something bigger than who you are.   And the only way to do that is to believe in yourself and have faith in your gifts.

I also am inspired by the song A Team by Ed Sheeran

Echo and the Bunnymen's version of the Doors People are Strange   From in my opinion the best vampire movie ever made  The Lost Boys.   Vampires don't sparkle people! They are sexual predators that hypnotize, bewitch, and suck not only your blood but also captivate you soul!

F - would not be complete without Five for Fighting.

It was a major toss up for my F category, Five For Fighting was battling hard to be the one to show off on my blog but Fun. Has been complete inspiration lately that they won the F spotlight. 
So here are 100 Years  and Superman (It's not easy)

Fuel's Falls on Me is another song that inspires me creatively I absolutely love the passion he holds in his voice.  You can feel the angst you can feel the hurt, it's incredible how much Carl Bell expresses himself when he sings.

G  . . . As mentioned in the G post I am very inspired by the group the Goo Goo dolls.   Two songs in particular though really inspire my creativity.   That is Name  and Johnny Rzeznick's song for the Treasure Planet Soundtrack -I'm Still Here

Gavin Degraw's First single  Don't Wanna Be  Has been very influential in my creative world.   Sometimes you wonder if you have to conform in order to be accepted.  But in all reality the only person who you should be is you.  Whether or not people like you, whether or not they accept you, nothing matters as long as you love and like yourself. 

Going with the Lost Boys theme from earlier  Gerard Mcmann's Cry Little Sister is very high ranking on my auto play list.  For year's it's tortured me, a repeated desire to listen and listen over and over until it's outplayed and broken.  It's seductive, deceptive, and most of all complete and utter musical genius that I can't get enough of!

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