Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Van Morrison

Yes I am going way back now!  

Van Morrison has such a different sound to his voice.  It's very distinctive and I really like the low rasp and twang it has when he is singing melodies.  It's a mix of folk, pop and soul.   

He was born in Northern Ireland in 1945 and started his career in 1967 when he came out with his smash hit,  Brown Eyed Girl, he has had other hits throughout the years and a very successful career and carried it into the 2000's where he still has 2 - 3 tour dates a week. 

Van the Man is a classic sound that anyone should add to their musical playlist!!!!

My favorite song by Van the Man is  . . .  Brown Eyed Girl

My least favorite song by Van Morrison is  . . .  Sweet Thing

There are two songs that inspire me creatively by Van Morrison .. .  Sometimes We Cry, and These are the Days.   I love the growl in his voice when he sings both of these songs.   When you listen to Van Morrison you want to be laying on the side of a beach/river and just taking in the sights of the world around you.  His voice almost has a astral feeling when you listen to it.


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  1. My favorite by Van The Man is "Have I Told You Lately."

    I did not like Rod Stewart's version anywhere near as much as VM's-so much more emotion when Van sings it.


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