Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Nightwish

When you mix symphonic harmonies, with guitar thrashing metal you get Nightwish.

A band formed in Kitee, Finland,  Nightwish has a unique sound and a soulful lead singer with a voice of an angel.   Most of their songs are lyrical poetry, and in that sense almost every song by Nightwish is an inspiration. I love the fact that their music is like listening to an opera, but with a kick.

 I went through a phase of dark poetry when I was in high school. Sometimes in life you go through hardships, times when you feel like your alone and have no one to turn to.  At that point in my life my only outlet was to write poetry.   I wrote about death, I wrote about darkness, I even wrote about suicide.   But it was poetry that brought me out of that dark despair. It was like I took the ink from my pen and tattooed all my heartache, sorrow, and pain and etched them onto pages of memories. 

My favorite song by Nightwish is . . .  Amaranth

My least favorite song by Nightwish is  . . .  Sahara

The song that inspires me by Nightwish is  . . Elvenpath.   I have always been mesmerized by the lore of faeries, sprites, and elves. Movies such as the Lord of the Rings, Spiderwick Chronicles, and books such as Faeries by Brian Froud are thought provoking, intriguing, and inspirational.  Elvenpath dives into this world and with the beautiful sound of their music brings this world to life.


  1. Look who is putting a progressive band on her blog!

    I have a couple of albums by the band, and rwo of Tarja's solo discs.

    They weathered the lead singer transition quite effortlessly.

  2. I love their music, it's definitely something I don't always listen to but I do have quite a few songs of theirs in my playlist. I have eclectic tastes just not all of them inspire my writing so it's hard to pick them :D


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