Friday, April 5, 2013

E is not for Eminem . . .but for Eric Hutchinson

So growing up I use to be obsessed with Eminem. I had to buy his CD's the day they came out, and I knew almost everything there was to know about him when I was a teenager.   So when I decided to do the A-Z challenge on songs that inspire my creativity I was for sure that Eminem would be my E muse.   But, alas, I quickly came to the realization that Eminem's music does not inspire me creatively at all.  Sure the beats he spits and the songs he comes up with are truly amazing but none of them speak to my inner writer. 

So instead of Eminem, I decided to dedicate the letter E to Eric Hutchinson.

Eric Hutchinson is somewhat of an Indy artist.   Not a lot of people are familiar with his music, he is sort of like Jason Mraz in a way.  Trendy, soft, melodic tunes that get your feet tapping and your hips swaying.

My favorite song by Eric Hutchinson is
Rock and Roll


 The song that I least like by Eric Hutchinson is . . .  I'm not Cool


The song that inspires me creatively by Eric Hutchinson is Breakdown More.   The song is about how he can't function without that special someone near him.  The first verse in the song  is I can't write the words when I don't have you, I can't sing my song if my strings won't tune, You won't believe me, you won't believe me crying.  I can't walk my path when I can't stay motivated, and I cant pay my dues when it gets too complicated. You won't believe me, You won't believe me, so you won't see me . . .


The way I interpret this song is probably different than he meant it to come across.  I see myself in this song, but in regards to my writing.   I am having trouble being motivated to finish\ the editing phase of the novel I wrote, when my husband is gone, or I have things going on in my life the last thing I can do is sit at my computer and write!  This song is every emotion that I currently have bottled up and hiding deep within my soul.   Whether or not this is what keeps me from finishing my book completely, I don't know.  But for the life of me I can't seem to break away, out of this funk, and write again.  Maybe a page will slip my fingers, a sentence escapes my lips.   But other than the random spurts of creativity nothing comes out.  Breakdown More speaks to my inner writer, and all I need is just one reason . . . and I won't break down!  


  1. I'm a fan of Eric's music (I have Sounds Like This and Moving Up Living Down in my collection)...I'm going to have to get them off the shelf and give them a listen!

    One of the reasons I like music blogs-I have a massive collection, and blogs remind me to check out the titles that have been on the shelves for too long.


  2. In fact, since Amazon was kind enough to put Moving Up Living Down on my cloud drive (love their Auto-Rip policy), I get to listen to it now!


  3. Yeah i really enjoy Eric's music! I don't have any of his cds in my collection but I have downloaded a lot of songs!


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