Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fun

So recently the band Fun has been charting the airwaves.  In fact you can't even turn on the TV without seeing a commercial that involves one of their songs. They had a Chevy Sonic commercial where the band's song We Are Young, was used.    Carry On and Some Nights have been used in TV shows such as Glee.   I really enjoy the lead singer Nate Ruess he recently put out a duet with Pink that I absolutely adore, and in fact I will probably cheat and use that song as my favorite song by the band. Their Indie-Pop sound is very infectious, and I find that the Nate Ruess's voice is pretty unique and you can tell it's him when he is singing.

My favorite song by Fun is . . .  Okay I won't Cheat per say... Technically my favorite song is Just give me a Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess,  But my actual favorite Fun song is Some Nights

My least favorite Fun song is  . . . . Walking the Dog. This Video creeps me out!!

 The Song That Inspires me by Fun is Carry On

I really like this song because  the words are how I feel when I write.   Sometimes I get serious writer's block. I feel completely lost and alone.  Then I am left  wondering are my characters sitting on the other side of the page kicking at rocks as they wait for me to finish their story?  It makes me laugh  because then I picture my characters  walking a tight rope that has no end.  As you write they wobble and teeter from side to side, the momentum of your typing keeps them going but if you stop writing . . .if that wall comes up do your characters fall?  Or are they left dangling forever?   So with this thought I think Carry On my friends... keep writing!  Something on a page is better than nothing!  This way eventually your story will be finished and your character will be able to reach the ropes end. 


And just because I love this song soooooo Much  Here is Pink and Nate Ruess with Just give me a reason!  I love love love this song.


  1. I am happy you did not describe them as a "new" band, as I have heard many do.

    Some Nights is the band's second full-length album, and fourth release overall (they also have two EP's).

    How you win a 2013 "Best New Artist" Grammy when your first release was issued in 2009 is beyond me...

    Which is why I never watch the Grammys...

    Good pick for your "F" post, though! So far you've mixed up the sounds a lot!

  2. I did not realize they had been out that long! I've recently just began getting into their music and a lot of their songs have been stuck in my brain!

    But yes Best New Artist should go to a "New" Artist. I really do enjoy their sound though :)

  3. Yep, I like the Pink one best too.
    I can see why that video would creep you out. It kinda creeps me out as well.


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