Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Linkin Park

So being as this is a A-Z challenge on what music inspires me, I don't think L could be complete without using Linkin Park.

One of my fondest memories of adolescence was going to the Lincoln Park concert with a really good friend of mine. Maybe it was the near death experience where he took a curb way too fast and we ended up facing oncoming traffic while two motorcycle cops sat at the bottom of the hill . . . or maybe it was being able to spend alone time with my really good friend.  But I like to think the concert made the evening. 

Even though Linkin Park has a very rap/rock sound if you actually take the time to listen to some of their lyrics they are really meaningful and heartfelt.

My favorite song by Linkin Park is . . . In the End. 

The song I least like by Linkin Park is  . . . Qwerty

The song that inspires me creatively by Linkin Park is  . . . Somewhere I belong.
There are many times that I wonder if writing is worth it?  Are my stories worthy of being shared with the masses?  Will people like my story?  As a society it is our natural habit of judging others.  It may not be a conscious thing . . . but it ends up happening. And with this the fear of rejection is birthed.   In this song they are struggling with letting go of inner pain.  I feel like this is being a writer.   It's hard to let go, to do that leap of faith and send out that manuscript.   Rejection is painful, in fact it can break you completely.  Internally writers struggle with whether or not their work is good enough.   What if everyone hates it?  In reality does it really matter?  It's your story, you wrote it . . . if someone else connects with it then awesome! But if not, you still had your epic victory of creating a story, with your own world, own people, and own plot that you actually finished.  I didn't understand how incredibly hard it was to finish a book until I actually sat down and did it myself.
And now . . . I can't seem to let go . . . to take that leap and edit, rework, then send out my manuscript. I'm hoping one day soon I can finally be brave enough to let go of my story and share it with everyone. 

A writer's struggle is just like anyone's . . .they want to find somewhere they belong, somewhere they fit in, and when the right time it is to go for their dreams.

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  1. They do have some good songs. With so much invested in our work, it is hard to put it out there to potentially get shot down. I think it would become easier the more you do it, it helps to have supportive friends and CPs who are behind you every step of the way.


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