Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for . . . Matchbox Twenty

So Matchbox Twenty is probably one of my all time favorite bands.  The Band's music inspires me in so many different ways.  Each song is unique and Rob Thomas really brings the heart and passion to his songs.  I love the intensity his eyes show when he is focused and singing his music.

I even loved when Rob Thomas went solo, but of course he came back to his roots and rejoined Matchbox Twenty to bring music to the masses.

My favorite song by Matchbox Twenty is  . . . Actually the song that inspires me so my second favorite song by Matchbox Twenty is . . . If You're Gone

My least favorite song by Matchbox Twenty is   . . . Mad Season

 So the song that inspires me by Matchbox Twenty is  . .  . Unwell
 For many years this song has been a major part of my life.  I probably take this song in a different way than other people do.   It's funny but when I hear this song I immediately think about my writing.  If you are a writer than you know what I am talking about . . .  the voices, the scenes, the stories that continuously play in your head.  Sometimes you think you are crazy, bur then you realize it's just a another story writing in your head.   Being a writer can be toxic to your everyday life, but luckily that is a cure for this deadly poison.  TO WRITE!  That's right get out your computers, napkins, notebooks, pull out that piece of paper and scratch out your ideas.  To keep your ideas pent up in your head can be detrimental to your sanity, if you can actually release what is floating around in your head then you can live freely and not worry about the annoying voices bombarding your brain.

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  1. I still think of these guys as a "new band" after all these years....


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