Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Ozzy! Ozzy Osbourne

So it took me awhile to appreciate Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne.  For some reason Ozzy's voice just didn't seem to connect with me.   But one day . . . once my music tastes decided to grow up a bit, Crazy Train rammed into me like a bat out of hell.  

I really enjoy Ozzy, both in his music and in his life.  I have to admit I watched the Osbourne's and really enjoyed the scatterbrained, loveable father he portrayed.  It was definitely a different aspect of his life you wouldn't normally get to see of the 'Prince of Darkness'. 

My favorite song by Ozzy Osbourne is  . . . Crazy Train

My least favorite song by Ozzy Osbourne is  . . .  Mr. Crowley

So there are a couple different songs that inspire me creatively by Ozzy.  But one in particular is a duet he did with Lita Ford called Close your eyes.    I love the acoustic guitar in the background, and the lyrics to the song.  

"If I close my eyes forever will it all remain changed?  If I close my eyes forever will it all remain the same?"   

I also like Dreamer 


  1. That whole first solo album is amazing-great guitar work (RIP Randy!), great songwriting...everyone needs to own that disc.

    I remember a coworker who was a devout Christian telling me I'd go to hell when I purchased the CD upon its release (I'd worn out the album).

    I whipped out the booklet and reviewed the lyrical themes....all very positive (anti-war, anti-suicide, anti-pornography).

    People should open their ears...

    "Close My Eyes Forever" is a great song as well. And boy, did I have a crush on Lita!

  2. It's amazing to me that people are so critical over music. Just because he use to refer to himself as the "Prince of Darkness" does not mean that's how he portrayed himself in real life. It's all a show . . . if anyone ever sat down and watched the Osbournes you can see that he was actually very docile, loving and gentle.(could be all the drugs too)

    But overall I think people see the image and not necessarily listen to the words that may actually be very inspiring.


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