Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Aerosmith

A is For Aerosmith!

Who doesn't love Aerosmith?  With a charismatic lead singer such as Steven Tyler Aerosmith thrills audience of all ages.  I remember being seven or eight and hearing my first Aerosmith song Dude looks like a lady.   I thought the song was extremely funny being seven and Steven singing about a guy that looks like a girl.

So what is my favorite song by Aerosmith?

The answer is  . . .  I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

 What is my least favorite Aerosmith Song?

Pink ( still like the song.  The video creeps me out)


Finally the song that inspires me by Aerosmith would have to be . . .

Dream On.   Not only is it one of the most epic Rock Songs of all times. But the Lyrics can inspire any writer who listens to them.  My favorite line from the song is Half of my life is in books written pages . . .   completely compelling, the song is haunting, and anyone out there who puts pen to paper and creates knows that dreaming is a big part of writing.   Without dreams the mind would be a blank piece of crumpled up paper.


  1. Woot! Glad to see you joined the A-Z bandwagon!!! I totally tried to talk my husband into doing a musical A-Z blog... it's beyond hysterical that that's what you picked :-)

    Love Aerosmith, btw... but, who doesn't????

  2. I respected Aerosmith more before they became a hit machine (resulting in buying Diane Warren songs to stay on the charts)....but the later stuff still was pretty catchy.

  3. Disc . . . I unfortunately wasn't old enough to know them before they became a slave to the man! Damn the Man save the Empire! Sorry had a movie flash back for a second. But I do have to agree that their earlier music is far superior to what they are coming out with now!


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