Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zombieland, Zoey 101, Z:, Dr. Zachary Burns, Zendaya


The first rule of Zombieland: Cardio. When the zombie outbreak first hit, the first to go, for obvious reasons... were the fatties. I'm gone if a Zombie apocalypse ever happens. I enjoy food way too much!  Zombieland is a hilarious movie starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg.  It's about a kid named Columbus who survives a zombie outbreak and is headed to Columbus Ohio to see if his family is still alive. He is one of only a few select people who were not affected by a mad cow disease virus gone bad, that turned the world into zombies. Columbus comes up with a few rules for surviving a zombie apocalypse:
1.) Cardio, 2.) Double Tap 3.)Beware of Bathrooms etc. . . you get the picture.  Woody Harrelson is a genius at comedy, he plays Tallahassee a Twinkie junkie who is an excellent zombie hunter taking Columbus under his wing.  The movie follows the pair as they go across country, eventually meeting Wichita and Little Rock, two sisters who are also con artists.  They steal their car and guns and take off only to be found later sitting on the top of a drop ride at an amusement park crawling with zombies.  I love this movie, if you like zombies and comedy . . . then this is your movie to watch.


If it were up to my son I would be using the cartoon Zelda to represent the letter Z but I decided to
use Zoey 101 instead.  The show follows Zoey a girl who attends a private school and follows her and a group of friends as they learn about life, love and friendships.  My favorite character from the show is Quinn.  During the show she and jerky Logan, a stuck-up rich boy have a feuding relationship that eventually ends in romance.  Quirky Chase is in love with Zoey but she doesn't return the affection until later in the season when Chase thinks she is going to a different school and signs up to go there as well.  Zoey eventually realizes she has feelings for Chase and the show ends with a long awaited Kiss that spans many seasons!


Z: by Michael Thomas Ford.   This is a book that looks very interesting and something I may want to read in the future.  Here is the plot line:

The First Rule of Torching: Cleanse with fire.
Josh is by far the best zombie Torcher around—at least, he is in his virtual-reality zombie-hunting game. Josh has quickly risen through the player ranks, relying on the skill, cunning, and agility of a real Torcher.
The Second Rule of Torching: Save all humans.
But luckily for Josh, zombies exist only in the virtual world. The real zombie war is now more than fifteen years in the past, and the battle to defeat the deadly epidemic that devastated his family—and millions of others—is the stuff of history lessons.
The Third Rule of Torching: You can't bring them back.

I like zombies, and I think the idea of torching seems like a good twist to a very hot subject.  I look forward in reading it someday.

My Book:

So a character I enjoyed writing was a doctor. Dr. Zachary Burns who is one that both Camille and Genevieve see in their books.  Genevieve for some reason can't place who he reminds her of.  During their scenes she spends the whole time analyzing his appearance trying to place who exactly it is he looks like. By the end of their consultation she realizes he looks an awful like Joe Pesci.  Genevieve pokes a little fun at him, saying Joe Pesci's famous line from Lethal Weapon. "Okay, Okay, Okay." as a response to all his questions.  Dr. Burns takes her joke with stride and says, "You're right I do look like Joe Pesci."  I think Dr. Burns is a cool doctor and one that relates to his patients very well.

What's For Dinner?  Homemade Burgers

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  1. Ha, Dr Burns sounds pretty cool!

    Also, I'm quite jealous that you're having homemade burgers for dinner!

  2. Double tap. Yeah. (That's classic in our house.)

    But what kind of doctor is Zachary Burns?

    True Heroes from A to Z

    1. If I told you that I will have to kill ya! ;) It ruins my plot line if I give that away.

    2. =( Fine. Keep your secrets. ;)


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