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P is for Pretty in Pink, Punky Brewster, Pink Parrot Series, Camille Parker, Phillip Phillips

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My blog would not be complete without a few Molly Ringwald movies thrown into the mix.  Pretty
in Pink is one of my favorite teen movies. Pretty in Pink is about a girl (Andie) from the wrong side of the tracks who suddenly tickles the fantasy of a rich,  preppy kid named Blaine.  Andie's life is the exact opposite from Blaine. Her father is an alcoholic, couch potato, and a liar who spends most of the movie disappointing Andie. Her best friend Duckie, is a goofy guy who absolutely adores her and wants to be her boyfriend  Andie knows about his attraction but only sees him as a friend.  My favorite scene is when Duckie bursts into the movie store where she works and lip syncs to a "Try a Little Tenderness" in front of Andie and her boss Ionia. When Blaine starts becoming interested in Andie, his best friend Stef tries everything in his power to break them up.  The movie's climax happens prom night when Blaine asks Andie to prom and suddenly backs out leaving Andie dateless.  This movie is classic 80's brat pack gold, directed by John Hughes. 


I'm sticking to the 80's with the P theme today, and what better 80's television gem to represent P then Punky Brewster! I loved Punky Brewster growing up.  The television show was about a little girl named Penelope (Punky) who is abandoned by her parents with her dog Brandon at a shopping mall.  Young, alone, the orphaned pair find an abandoned apartment building that they make a new home for themselves.  The building is owned by Henry a grouchy old man who is never happy.  While living in the abandoned apartment Punky makes a friend named Cherie and soon Henry discovers Punky and Brandon and hears their story.  The show follows Henry and Punky's relationship, and when Punky is taken to an orphanage after being discovered, they both realize they are rather fond of each other.  Henry ends up becoming Punky's foster dad, and then adopts her.  I loved Punky Brewster and wish the show would have lasted longer two years.


The book series I want to talk about for P is one of my all time favorites growing up as a child.  It involved my favorite sport baseball.  The Pink Parrots series was popular in the 90s and involved an all girls team formed by Breezy and Kim two friends whose passion for baseball inspires them to create a team and play against the boys.  I fortunately was only able to read number three of the series called Mixed Signals, but I can tell you right now I wore that book out! In fact I loved the books so much that I found them online and got them for my daughter.  I now plan on reading the whole series. (Yes I am 32 and planning on reading a  preteen book series again!) Mixed signals was about a tomboy Terri, who is all about baseball. Then she meets the strange, but cute pitcher nicknamed the Iceman and soon she is having feelings she never felt before.  I love the Pink Parrots series and I think it's a perfect book series for any girl who loves softball and likes to read!

My Book:

So I have this character . . . gosh what can I say or not say about her? First I should tell you that it is my intention to make my book into a series.  My original thought is to have a book for each girl, Chloe, Camille and Genevieve and then sum it all up with one last hoorah! with a final book that brings them all together.  So with that being said I think it's time to introduce you to one of my more controversial characters, Camille.  Camille is a head case. She's freakin' crazy!  She has so many problems that I could probably spend this whole blog talking about her idiosyncrasies. Camille's issues started at the age of five, when she discovered her mother on the floor of the bathroom, dead.  It's haunted her ever since.  She lives with her father who always seems absent from her life, he tries to make up for it by buying her whatever she wants.Every year she gets a new car, she can have whatever pet she wants, basically she's spoiled, but not really loved.  I know that Camille's character is going for that emo/punk rock look, but it wasn't until I started editing her character I realized more and more that I was also giving her a unique ethnicity as well that I didn't notice before. American/Asian. Camille has a lot of unhealthy obsessions, but her most apparent one is that she thinks she is love with Dillon.  Her love is that stalker, hey let me sneak into your room and watch you sleep kind of love that gives you the heebee geebees.  She has many psychological problems: she's suicidal, dabbles with alcohol and drugs, and other more deep problems I don't want to spoil. She is pretty much a psychotic bitch that you really don't want to meet in a back alley.  I started writing Camille and Chloe's stories during different periods of my Nanowrimo adventures.  The one year that I failed to meet the word count I was attempting to write Camille's story. I found that writing her story has been my biggest difficulty.  I think it's because her character is so dark, and haunted, and though I do like writing those kind of stories, Camille has this edge and darkness that almost scares me to write. I'm not sure exactly how far I am going to take Camille's character in her own book. My idea for her is so depressing and crazy that my fear is no one will connect with her, or want to read her book.  I connect with Genevieve on so many levels that her story was amazingly easy to write.  But as for poor Camille, her book remains a few paragraphs sitting in a folder on my computer waiting for the day I get enough guts to confront her head on.  Come on Camille . . . Bring it!

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Song of the Day:

Phillip Phillips - Gone Gone Gone


  1. When it comes to Camille, I'd say just let her do what she wants and see where it takes you. If, when she's written, you think she's too dark, you can always take it down a notch.

    Also, I'm happy to cast my eyes over anything if you need a second opinion! :D

    1. thank you for that offer. I will keep that in mind. :D


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