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A is for Angus, Awkward, April Fools Day, Agnes, Ally and Aj


So to kick off my Ode to the YA/NA world is the letter A.  At first I already knew what Movie I wanted to represent the letter A . . .  Adventures in Babysitting, but then I was scrolling through a young adult page and came across and old school 1995 movie called Angus

I absolutely adored this movie growing up. It's a little obscure but the story really touches you.  The movie is about Angus, and overweight and unpopular fat kid who is constantly picked on because of both his smarts and appearance.  A very young James Van Deer Beek plays the bully in this movie who of course spends the entire movie torturing poor Angus and his best friend Troy.  As a joke Angus is picked as Homecoming King which is fine because he gets to dance with the most popular girl in school and also his crush, Melissa.

The message in the movie is a simple one . . .  be yourself, be proud of who you are, and don't let others change you.  It doesn't matter if you're fat or skinny, popular or unpopular every single person has something they don't like about themselves or something they are ashamed of.   Once you get past the facade and actually pick through the layers of lies, underneath there will always be your true self . . .  can you face it?

                                              Below is my favorite scene from the movie. 

Television Show:

There wouldn't be an A, YA blog without the television show Awkward included in my post.  I absolutely love this show! I love it so much I never miss a season.  The show is about Jenna, a teenager destined for loser-dome that just so happens to be a walking suicidal mess.  (or so everyone thinks)  After the hottest guy in school Matty sleeps with her in a broom closet during summer camp he tells her that no one can know about their relationship.   Jenna is some what distraught by this but not to the extent everyone thinks.  Jenna then receives a mysterious letter that basically tells her she isn't worth a shit and needs to change herself.  (This actually upsets her)  She goes into the bathroom to take some pain meds.  While in the bathroom Jenna slips and falls, which she grabs a hairdryer that falls into the bathtub and shorts the lights a bottle of pills she was taking (she only actually had two) falls into the sink.  The whole situation looks like suicide, but it was just a misunderstanding. Hilarious antics follow . . .  drama, love, and awesome comedic quips fill the show and make it a must see for any YA lover. 


So because I am in the middle of reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth, I decided to do my YA book on April Fools Day by Richie Tankersley Cusick.  

I absolutely love Cusick's writing.  In the 90's her horror/thriller books went hand in hand with the R.L. Stine, and Christopher Pike young adult thriller books you saw all over the shelves.The only books I ever read as a teenager were in this genre . . . now I am opening my horizons more. :D

April Fools Day is about three friends who witness a horrible accident when coming home from an April Fools Day party.  Soon Belinda the MC is asked to tutor a horribly scarred angry kid named Adam who gives you the willies right off the bat.  She also meets his good-looking older brother Noel who of course becomes a love interest right away.  The book like all of Cusick's books take you on a ride where you find yourself asking, who did it, accusing every character that stumbles across the page.   I definitely suggest you read it for the nostalgic value more than anything else. 

(Cool Tidbit!  Richie Tankersley Cusick was born on April Fools Day!  Just like me!)

My Book:

As promised I said I would introduce some of my characters from the YA novel I am writing.  The first I would like to introduce is Agnes Tipperton.

 Back Story:

Agnes is Chloe Tipperton's Grandmother. After Chloe's parents died in a car wreck she was sent to live with her Grandmother who is not only overbearing, but a bit of a religious control freak as well.  Agnes is a very strong character. She is set in her ways and definitely not someone you want to mess with.  She controls every aspect of Chloe's life, from her beliefs to what Chloe should wear.   Although she is a background character in my current book, she will be a very prominent part of Chloe's book whenever I decide to finish writing it.   

What's For Dinner?  It's my birthday I have requested Steak and Baked Potatoes! YUMMY!!!

Song of the Day:  Sticking with the YA theme is 

Aly and Aj's Potential Break Up Song.

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