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F is for Ferris Bueller's Day off, Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, Flower's in the Attic, Frederick, and Five

So F was amazingly easy to figure out what to write about. I didn't have to think about it, and the ideas came so quickly that I've had my F Blog in mind for awhile. (Well maybe not the song that took a little research, but everything else was easy!)  I know my F is not following my green letter theme. (if anyone hasn't caught that yet)  but I love frogs, and frogs are green so the cute little guy above made the cut!


If you haven't seen the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, then you were either living under a rock during the 80's and 90's,are still addicted to the pacifier and too young to read this blog, or unfortunately missing out on a nostalgic gem given to the movie world in the 80's.  Ferris is a popular teen who fakes being sick because it's such a nice day outside that he just doesn't feel like going to school.  He ropes in his girlfriend Simone, and his best friend Cameron to skip a long with him.   Ferris is such a popular kid that his absence does not go unnoticed and soon the whole school is talking about it like he was stricken with some fatal disease.  Ferris's vice-principal Mr. Rooney is the typical out-to-get-you guy who hates Ferris, because of his charismatic charm and the fact that he has been absent nine times.   When Ferris's mom calls him in sick Rooney decides to find out for sure if Ferris is really sick or not.  Ferris and his two companions do all sorts of fun things while they have their day out.  Ferris jumps in the middle of a parade and sings on a float, they wreck a very expensive car, they go to a museum.  They make the most out of their day off that's for sure.  Oh did I mention that Ferris's older sister Jeanie hates him as well and is also trying to prove to her parents that Ferris is faking being sick?  The movie is fun, light, humorous and if you're not saying BUELLER BUELLER BUELLER in a dry, unemotional voice by the end of the movie then you just didn't get it!  I highly recommend this movie to any 80's movie lover, or any person in general. Chicka Chicka, Boom OH YEAH!


Now this is a blog all about how, the channels got flipped and entertainment was turned upside down, and I would like to take a minute, just stay right there, and I'll tell you all about how I fell in love with a show called the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

In Sparks, Nevada born and raised on a couch is where I spent most of my days.  Chillin out, relaxing, not being cool, flipping though channels on the nights after school. When I found a show that I thought was so cool, I couldn't stop watching in my neighborhood, I watched it so much my mom got scared and said.  You need to go to sleep and stop watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Now that my horrible rapping is out of the way...

The show was about a kid played by Will Smith, who is forced to go live with his Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil in Bel Air.  Will is a street wise kid whose vibrant personality pretty much shakes up their happy mansion.  Will has three cousins who live in the house with him.  Hilary a dim-witted shop-a-holic, Carlton, a stuffy, uptight, but awesome dancer!, and Ashley a young naive little girl who grows up into a wonderful woman by the end of the show.   I loved the Fresh Prince, and any true fan can sing the theme song by memory.  I got two videos below for this one.  The famous theme song and the Carlton Dance!  If you loved the show you know exactly what I'm referring to!  ENJOY!


Flowers In the Attic was a book written in 1979 by V.C. Andrews.  The book is very controversial. The book is about four children the Dollengangers whose father dies and they are sent with their mother to go live with their grandparents.  Their mother tells them they have to live in the attic for awhile because her father doesn't know about her children and in order for her to get his inheritance she has to pretend to be without children. The grandmother knows about the children and is very strict she gives them a set of rules to live by while in the house.  First rule girls sleep together in one bed and boys sleep together in another bed.  They are not under any circumstances allowed to get dressed in the same room, and no one is to know of their existence. (They don't know that the reason for this rules is their mother, who married their father and had children with him.  Did I mention they were cousins?)   Soon the kids Cathy, Chris, Carrie, and Cory are living in a world where no one knows about them. There mother visits them everyday but soon the days she promised turns to years and the kids start to wonder what exactly their mother is doing on the other side of the door.  The two older siblings Cathy and Chris end up falling for each other. (They must live in Alabama :D) And the two younger twins start to get very sick, until something horrible happens and the kids decide for once and for all to escape their Grandmother's house and start new lives for themselves without their neglectful mother.  Flowers in the Attic  is one of my all time favorite books, it was beautifully written and captures you from the beginning.  It is the first in the Dollenganger series that follows the children throughout their lives.

My Book:

Frederick is the father of Ursula in the romance novel Genevieve is reading. In my book I rarely give any descriptions of the characters in Ursula's Seduction because the book is just a support for Genevieve and Dillon's romance, not the main focus.  Frederick is like any typical father that grew up in the early 1800's.  He wants the best for his daughter, promising her to a wealthy man named Armand before he goes off to sea.  Though there is no description describing Frederick, this is how I imagine him.  Frederick is a short stocky man, with a thick beard and calloused hands.  He lost his right leg during a freak accident which makes it harder for him to tend the lighthouse.  When he is called away on business he hires Phillip to watch the lighthouse for him not realizing that this may affect his agreement with promising his virgin daughter to Armand.  When Frederick returns he finds Phillip and Ursula in a compromising position and almost kills Phillip right there.  Armand is his only shot at becoming wealthy.  So Frederick sends a letter to Armand asking him to return, that Ursula is sick without him.  Frederick isn't necessarily a bad character, but his daughter's happiness is not his priority, money and power is.  Because I don't have a description for Frederick I decided to use a lighthouse as a symbol for him. Since he is the lighthouse keeper.

What's For Dinner: Roast and Mashed Potatoes.

Song of the Day:

Five - When the Light's Go Out


  1. Wow! This post really brought me back. Grew up on Fresh Prince and Ferris, after all. New follower from the challenge! :)

    1. Thank you! I am following your blog as well now love your sci-fi and fantasy theme. I wonder what you pick for your L blog. Because Legend would be a magnificent choice, wonderful soundtrack!

  2. Yup. This took me back too, having grown up with this stuff. I loved Fresh Prince and still really like Will Smith. He's such a great actor!

  3. Fresh Prince, hands down, is awesome... unfortunately, I only know Flowers in the Attic from the movie (and that was one twisted affair)!

    Oh, and I couldn't read your Bel-Air "song" without rapping it out in my's that for geeky? :-)

    1. That's what I meant to do was make people rap the song! You just can't help it!


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