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E is for Ender's Game, Eerie Indiana, Eclipse, Armand Etienne, Eden's Crush


So my initial thought for the E movie was Eurotrip.  One because it's absolutely hilarious and two well it's absolutely hilarious!  But then I picked my television show and decided there was a little theme going on with the letter  E. A Sci-fi one.  So my pick for the movie is a new one that just came out in the last year Enders Game.

Enders Game was based off a book written by Orson Scott Card which unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure of reading yet. The movie on the other hand was absolutely amazing. (In my eyes)  It is about a boy named Ender who was born in a world where the mind of a child is the most precious commodity. Ender and his siblings go to an academy where children are taught and trained to use their minds for combat purposes.  Ender's sister Valentine, and brother Peter both failed to make it far in the academy, and when Ender's plug is pulled he thinks that he flunked out of it as well.  But it was all a test and he did not know that they had been studying him the whole time. The rest of the movie is Ender's struggle to move up the ranks in the academy and eventually become commander of the whole brigade.   Ender is both strong, resilient and stubborn.  These qualities make a successful leader.  He is also humble, and compassionate. Without giving too much away, Ender is put the ultimate test on graduation day when he and a bunch of misfit soldiers he accrued along the way are asked to exterminate an entire alien species during a simulation.  It is a struggle but together they manage to rid the world of the bug-like species and pass their final test. The military said that Ender had the brightest mind, and felt he would accomplish everything they needed of him.  And he did, but everything has a price even excelling above all others in order to seek approval.   I strongly recommend this movie to everyone, and I plan on reading the book soon.


I cannot express how much I used to, (and still do) love the t.v. show Eerie Indiana.   Eerie Indiana only had 19 episodes but I loved it anyways.
Eerie Indiana was about a boy named Marshall who is growing up in a town called Eerie.  He with his friend Simon by his side start to notice strange and weird things going on around his neighborhood. They dive into everything from a crazy orthodontist, to a scary Tupperware Club hiding a secret.   I think my favorite episodes are when Jason Marsden's crazy white headed character, (that looks a lot like Einstein) suddenly pops up around town.  His character has lost his memory and doesn't know exactly where he came from, so his character is named Dash X.   Dash X is easily manipulated to do evil doings, and ends up being sort of a nemesis to Marshall and Simon. If there is weird stuff going on Eerie then you know Dash X was somewhere nearby. Unfortunately I couldn't find a very good video with Dash X in it, so I have to settle for the introduction to the T.V. Show Enjoy!


Against my better judgement and only because I have read the book, Eclipse the third part of the Twilight series is what I decided to write about today.
I personally am not a fan of Stephenie Meyer's writing. I managed to get almost to the end of Eclipse before shrugging off the series altogether. Though I have watched every movie and found them more interesting than the books.  So far in my blog, I have touched base on every "bear" there is in the book world.  In other words compare writing to Goldie Locks and the Three Bears and you get... Oh my this book is just way too descriptive (like Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments) To oh no this book is not descriptive enough.  (like Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series)  And then you get the just right books such as the (Divergent series by Veronica Roth). Although I really do enjoy Stephenie Meyer's premise behind the books.  I do have one really big peeve. VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE DAMN IT!   Now that tantrum is over, back to the book. Eclipse is the third installment of the series, in this book a string of murders begins happening in Seattle and Edward believes that New Fledging Vampires may be to blame. They later find out that the vampires are being controlled and created by Victoria who is out for vengeance because Edward killed her lover James in the first book.  The story despite the background army of New Vampires getting ready to take over the world, is mainly more focused on the love triangle between Bella and her mystical creature lovers Jacob (the werewolf) and Edward (the sparkling vampire).  Bella ends up making her life even more complicated by kissing Jacob, because she realizes she is in love with both guys, but ultimately loves Edward more.  She agrees to marry Edward which only angers Jacob because Jacob thinks he is imprinted with Bella . . . but is he really?  The story is okay, I'm not sure if the series really deserves the hype it has received, but all in all I have to give Stephenie Meyer props on being one of the most successful young adult authors in the business.

My Book:

So picking a character to represent the letter E was a little hard for me.  Okay in retrospect I actually had to give a character a last name just so I would have a character that could represent the letter E.   Armand Etienne is a character from a book that Genevieve reads.   Throughout Genevieve's book, she is reading a book called Ursula's Seduction, a naughty romance novel about a girl whose betrothed (Armand) leaves for a year to fight in a war. While he is gone Ursula's father has to go away as well leaving his lighthouse in the hands of Ursula and Phillip the good-looking young man hired to tend the lighthouse while he is away on business.   The story is mainly about Ursula and Phillip's forbidden romance but Armand plays a very important part in the story.  Though I have no descriptions for Armand in Genevieve's book besides you never see him without his sword by his side, you get a strong feel for his character just by the few scenes he is in. He is arrogant, spoiled and chauvinistic and believes that when you are married the woman is the man's to do with how he pleases.   Ursula was to remain a virgin until their wedding day, and when he returned to find Phillip making eyes towards his betrothed Ursula he knew something was going on.  He then rapes and beats Ursula to teach her a lesson showing everyone that he is not the suave and debonair regal man Ursula believed him to be.  

What's For Dinner:  McDonalds and Fair food! Went to the Medieval Fair with my kids today! So awesome!!

Song of the Day:

Eden's Crush - Get Over Yourself


  1. Ooh! Eerie Indiana... Never heard of it before, it looks awesome.

    It's a good thing that Armand guy is just in a story book, or I go after his skinny rear and teach him a lesson. *pounding palm*

    1. Lol every story, even the stories within the stories have to have a villain! I'll help you pummel him!

  2. Okay, Ender and Eerie... great choices----oh, and you must, must, must read Ender's Game, the book is fabulous :-)

    1. It's on my to-read list on Goodreads! I have to finish Allegiant First.

  3. I saw the movie Ender's game and I enjoyed it. I didn't read the book yet, which I'm slapping my hand for. I did read All the twilight series, and watched all those movies too. I felt Eclipse was probably one of the better books in the series.


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