Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for eXcerpt

So I could have picked X-men first Class for my movie, X factor for a t.v. show. Principal Wexley for a character from my book, and find some book I haven't read to represent the letter X, but I'm not going to. Today I figured I would take a eXcerpt from my book and use that for X instead.  One of the blogs I follow has been giving a little bit of her book to her readers for each post finding something to intrigue you from her book series. I really like this idea and decided because X is such a hard letter to find stuff for, I would just give you a little bit of my book instead. One of my favorite scenes I have written for Genevieve and Dillon follows something traumatic for Genevieve.  She needs her spirits lifted and Dillon is able to do this for her.(Following fellow blogger, Kyra Lennon's lead . . . below is a eXcerpt from my book Keeping Secrets: Keep in mind, still editing and my mom hasn't gone over this version of my book yet)

I tear my eyes away from Ursula’s Seduction.  It always amazes me when a character's personality changes during a book. Armand is presented as this suave, debonair bachelor who sweeps Ursula off her feet and promises her the world.  Phillip is perceived as the villain because he seduces her, takes her virginity, which is meant for her future husband, and steals her heart.  You start to feel sorry for Armand and then bam! he returns and all hell breaks loose. He turns into this stereotypical asshole, who you find out, only wants Ursula's virginity, a prize on his arm, and a girl to call him master.  Ursula shouldn't be with him, she needs to be with Phillip!  At least you know he loves her unconditionally. Desperate to read on I greedily turn the page.  I’m going to finish this book tonight. I just know it. I absorb myself within Ursula's world until my phone startles me. I practically jump off my bed when it vibrates against my hand. 

What’s your favorite candy bar? 

Dillon’s text intrigues me. Why does he want to know what my favorite candy bar is?
Reese’s or Butterfinger why? 
I wait in anticipation for his reply but it doesn't come.  What is up with Dillon?  I reach for my book again, but a large thump against my window scares me to death.   What in the hell was that?  I walk cautiously over; afraid that maybe I am walking into a scene from that bird’s movie expecting a giant black bird to be attacking my window.  No bird.  It’s Dillon! What is he doing here? 
He stands below my window his handsome features silhouetted by an eerie, yellow glow casting down from the moon that dominates the sky. He smiles stretching his arm back as he throws something at my window again it lands on the sill.  A Reese’s candy bar?
I open my window and shout down at him."What are you doing?” 
“You said you like Reese’s or Butterfinger, I threw the Butterfinger first but it didn’t make it to the landing.”
“You’re crazy!” I reach out the window and grab the orange package, I can’t help but smile.
“And you’re beautiful . .  . Want to hang out for a little bit?”  How can I say no?  The candy bar thing is pretty romantic. I head down stairs, eager to see him again.
“Dillon, are you out here?” My voice whispers into the air. He steps out from behind a tree carrying a backpack over his shoulder.
“Are you up for a picnic?”
“It’s like 11:00 at night?  How are we going to have a picnic?” He drops the backpack off his shoulder and fishes out two sodas and a blanket. 
"Candy, soda, a moonlit night, and us, what more could we possibly ask for?”  I giggle. Watching as he lays out the blanket between the two large pine trees in my front yard.   We sit down together, he plucks open the two tabs on the soda cans and hands one to me.  “Cheers.” We clink together both of the can’s, the aluminum ricocheting like the buzz of a bee. We sit there quietly, our eyes fixated on each other. Why is it when he stares at me, I don’t mind? But if anyone else stares at me I freak out like a crazy person? It has to be his eyes, or maybe his dimples, either way whenever he looks at me I never want it to stop. I break our silence first, the tension is to much to bear.
“You just texted me with the candy bar thing like five minutes ago . . . how did you get them so fast? The nearest store is at least a mile away. How did you know where I lived? 
“I’m stalking you.”  He says with a straight face.  We both laugh. “Your address is in the phone book. I had to be more strategic with the candy. I went to the store and bought two of each kind they had, even the estranged ones like Whatchamacallit. I made sure I had all my basics covered.”  I laugh. 
“You’re an overachiever when it comes to romance.”
“I do what I can.”  He smiles taking a large bite out of a snickers bar.  “Besides, I knew you would be pretty down today. If I can lift your spirits up, for even a moment, it’s totally worth it.” 
“Today hasn’t been easy.” I whisper, choking down the emotion bubbling in my chest. Dillon leans back on his elbows flicking his bangs to the side.  The moon catches his eyes just right and for a brief second they glow like a wild animal.  Even in the moonlight he’s sexy.   


What's For Dinner?  Chili!
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Xscape  - You're my little Secret  (Fitting for my story huh?)

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  1. Love it! Any guy who throws chocolate at me is a keeper!


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