Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for The Wizard, Wonder Years, Witches, Dallas Whitley and Willa Ford


One of my favorite movies from the 80's is The Wizard.  The movie is about an autistic boy named Jimmy who wants to travel to California but you never really know why.  He wasn't always emotionally withdrawn, in fact two years prior he was like any happy-go-lucky child.  His twin sister Jennifer drowned in Green River and since then Jimmy has been mentally unstable.  Jimmy's parents are divorced he lives with his mother and step dad who put him in a mental institiute for children, his father lives with his two older half brothers Corey and Nick.  Corey gets mad at his dad and decides to kidnap Jimmy and go to California.  While on the way he meets a girl Haley who, with the two boys, go across country to get to California.  On their trip they realize that Jimmy is a wizard at video games and soon they are scamming their way across the country, playing random people video games as they go.  They learn of a contest at Universal Studios, Video Armageddon that involves a 50,000 cash prize and all Jimmy has to do is play video games! Jimmy starts training for the competition. Jimmy's mom hires a jerk bounty hunter to find Jimmy, and Jimmy's dad and brother Nick start looking for the boys as well.  The movie ends with the big competition and Jimmy has to play a video game never played by anyone before.  Super Mario Bros 3!  (Ugh I feel old)  The movie is great and I love the dynamic between the father and his sons, it's real, it's emotional, and the movie is awesome!


I guess Fred Savage is overtaking my blog today because The Wonder Years is my show for W! The
Wonder Years was a show that graced televisions in the 80's-90's.  The show is told from the perspective of an adult looking back on his child hood in the late 60's early 70's. It follows Kevin and his best friend Paul as they grow up from the age of 12 to 17.  Kevin is love with the girl across the street Winnie, and most of the show is him following her around until they end up dating as they get older. The basic plot of the show is the dynamic between Kevin and Winnie, going from friends, to dating, to dating other people, to breaking up, to getting back together. I myself only caught a couple of episodes of The Wonder Years but I do really enjoy Fred Savage as an actor.  I think, in his adolescence, he brought a immaturity and strength to each of his roles that really influenced his characters and made them relate-able.


Witches by Roald Dahl, is a book I have not read but did see the movie.  Witches is about a eight year old boy and his grandmother whom he went to live with after his parents died in a car accident.  The Grandmother tells the boy of witches and how they are a powerful threat.  The boy soon becomes fascinated by the idea of a witch and starts to think he sees them everywhere.  When the boy and his Grandmother go to stay in a hotel, the boy soon finds out there is a witch convention going on.  A gluttonous child by the name of Bruno is lured to the convention after he is promised chocolate. The high witch turns him into a mouse as a show of power, the boy who is eaves-dropping then is chased after the witches smell him in the room, he is caught and turned into a mouse as well. With the help of his Grandmother the two mice children are able to stop the witches by sneaking the mouse poison into their soup and turning everyone into mice! You will have to find out what happens next on your own!  The movie was cute, but if the book is anything like the other Dahl greats then I can't wait to read it. 

My Book:

So my next character I am going to introduce is a major part of Chloe's story.  Delilah "Dallas" Whitley Jones, (Yes I know I'm stretching using her middle name, but hey I needed a representative for W!) is a girl Chloe meets a couple weeks into her senior year. Delilah goes by the nickname Dallas because she is from Texas and has way too much Texas Pride.  She moves to Connecticut with her family, and ends up becoming connected to Chloe.  Dallas makes Chloe's life complicated.  Dallas is a free spirit, she's bi-sexual, sexually driven, and beautiful.  This of all things, attracts Chloe like a bug to a zapper.  Chloe is reserved and timid, and to meet someone who is so open about sex intrigues her.  Dallas is really into beauty pageants. Her goal is to become Miss America one day.  She spends most of her time talking about boys, girls, and her sexual conquests.  But one thing she does become is a good friend to Chloe, they even go to prom together! (As friends of course!) On one of Genevieve and Dillon's breaks, Dallas and Dillon end up going to a school dance together and being intimate which causes major friction between Dillon and Genevieve, Genevieve and Dallas, and Chloe and Dallas. I really do like Dallas as a character. I think it's fun to write an exhibitionist into my story.  Someone who is not afraid to be themselves and cause other characters to grow just by being around them.

What's For Dinner?  Pizza Bread!!!  (for real this time) Yesterday we had Sonic due to a un-hungry husband and softball practice for my daughter!

Song of the Day:

Willa Ford - I Wanna Be Bad


  1. Hi! I'm a fellow A-Z year just dropping by, and I am so glad. This is an excellent blog, and you have put so much work into the A-to-Z challenge. I am really impressed, so I am now your newest follower. Please join me, too, at: Deb@

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I will definitely follow you to your blog!

  2. P.S. Who doesn't love The Wonder Years? I expected to marry Kevin, or at least let one of my daughters… But it didn't work out. :-)

  3. Dallas sounds awesome - I bet she was a lot of fun to write!


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