Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Varsity Blues, Victorious, Vampire, Carmen Vasquez and Veruca Salt


So it was between Valley Girl and Varsity Blues for the V movie. Guess what football won! So Varsity Blues is one of my favorite teen sports movies.  I love everyone cast for the movie and the story behind it.  Varsity Blues is about a football team that is coached by an overbearing, can't lose, a-hole who treats everyone on the team like garbage.  The story follows Jonathan Moxon, a backup quarterback that wants more for himself then the small town football team he plays for.  He wants to go to Brown and get a real education that doesn't revolve around football.  The first string quarterback Lance is played by Paul Walker (R.I.P) has a bad knee and the coach is forcing him to take injections to be able to keep playing. Soon his knee gives out and Mox is forced to play as the quarterback. Becoming the star of the team turns Mox's world upside down, the head cheerleader (Lance's girlfriend) throws herself at him by wearing a whip cream bikini, and soon the pressure becomes to much.  The end of the movie is awesome and the team over throws the coach going out on the field by themselves.  AMAZING! Oh and Tweeder is by far my favorite character!  Love his cowboy butt shot!


Victorious is a T.V. show that played on Nickelodeon, and luckily is one of the few shows I actually enjoy watching with my daughter.  The show follows Tori, and beautiful but awkward teenager who goes to her sister's musical and ends up taking her place on the stage.  Tori's sister goes to a private performing arts school and they end up recruiting Tori after she performs on stage.  There she meets a bunch of kids and makes some new friends while exploring her singing and learning to act.  I really like their teacher, Sikowitz, and the scissor loving bad girl Jade who makes Tori's life a living hell. The show is cute, and I really enjoy watching it.


My YA blog would not be complete without writing about my favorite book growing up. Vampire by Ritchie Tankersley Cusick!  I absolutely love this book.  I think I have read it over and over again to
the point I almost have it memorized! Vampire is about a girl, Darcy Thomas, who is forced to go live with her estranged, young, Uncle Jake, who is not only gorgeous but also mysterious but someone she has never met before.  If meeting her uncle for the first time isn't enough he lives in a creepy wax museum full of monsters.  Soon Darcy meets some of Jake's friends, and everything seems to be going okay until murders begin happening all over the place.  Not just murders, murders involving strange marks on the necks of the victims--Vampire bites!  Soon someone is stalking Darcy, and she believes it has to be one of the new friends she made, maybe even her uncle Jake!  The vampire has their sites on Darcy, and her only hope is to turn to the people she just met for help.  But can she trust any of them? Vampire is a great book.  Cusick is very creative with her horror books and keeps them just creepy enough to keep you intrigued and turning pages. LOVE THIS BOOK!

 My Book:

To round out my three Replicas I have Carmen Vasquez.  She is the enforcer, Mika's bodyguard. Carmen is a very masculine but feminine girl. She has a short pixie cut, and wears short skirts to compensate for her boyish looks. She spends most of the book tormenting Chloe and Genevieve.   Not so much Camille, because she doesn't take anyone's crap.  Carmen is constantly picking on people, getting into fights, and basically waging war against my three main characters.  There is one scene in the end of the book that I absolutely love where their feud finally reaches its pinnacle and everything ends up coming to blows.  Literally!  One significant fact about Carmen is that she is the one who brands Chloe with her nickname of Dyke, she is also the one who Chloe kisses in middle school. I think Carmen's character is going to have some major changes as she gets older, but I haven't decided exactly what those changes will be.

What's For Dinner?  Pizza Bread

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