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M is for Mean girls, My So Called Life, Mockingjay, Mika, McFly


Mean Girls played a big part in inspiring me for the book I am writing.  It follows Cady a foreign exchange student that has spent the last 12 years in Africa with her parents.  They then move to Evanston, Illinois where she is thrown into a unknown world of peer pressure, opposite sex encounters, and bullying. When Cady first gets to school she meets a pair of social outcasts Janis and Damian who she immediately bonds with.  Then she gets asked by Regina Matthews, the most popular girl in school to sit at a table with the Plastics a trio of mean girls. Regina is the ring leader, Gretchen is her rich lackey, and Karen the ditzy blonde who is everything stereotypical.  As Cady starts fitting in with the plastics she soon learns that they have a burn book in which they write something mean and hateful about the other girls in the school.  This of course eventually gets leaked and the entire school is turned upside down!  Mean Girls inspired the trio of mean girls in my book. More so I followed the stereotypical format of a trio of girls who use their popularity to belittle others.


So growing up in the 90's there was only one show that I would watch religiously every time it came on.  That was My So Called Life. The show followed Claire Danes character Angela and her misfit friends as they go thorugh their sophomore year of high school. The show dealt with a lot of major issues, such as sex, drug use, homophobia, adultery, and school violence to name a few.  Jared Leto played the hot, and sexy musician bad boy that Angela falls for named Jordan.  I think every girl in the 90's had a crush on Jordan. I loved My So Called Life so much that at one time I bought the series.  Unfortunately the series only made it one season before Claire Danes told the writers that she  no longer wanted to be a part of the show and ABC pulled it completely.


So the third installment in the Hunger Games trilogy is Mockingjay.  Out of the three books I think it was my least favorite.  The last book in a series is supposed to make you cheer, or boo, or throw you for a loop. I thought the ending in Mockingjay fell flat, throughout the series Suzanne Collins kept me enthralled.  I fell in love with Katniss, Peeta, and the rest of the characters she created for the Hunger Games Trilogy.  I felt after a semi-climatic ending Collins left me wanting more.  The ending fell flat the characters stories didn't really seem finished. I felt she gave the the fans what she thought they wanted and in the end the story just lacked that magical quality the first two books possessed.  But even with my feelings towards the last of her series, I really do love the Hunger Games Trilogy.  I feel Collins is a gifted writer and really draws you into the world Katniss lives in. I recommend the Hunger Games Trilogy to any reader that likes YA and apocalyptic type stories.

My Book:

So you met Bianca, in a previous post of the Replica's now it's time to meet the ring leader Mika! Mika is the typical rich, bitch mean girl.  She is one of those girls that can have whatever she wants, gets it, and uses it to make people follow her. Of course she is beautiful, and every guy wants to date her, but she is too busy worrying about her popularity, and becoming prom queen to really care about the hormonal teenage boys drooling after her. Mika has it out for Genevieve. Though Mika has a brain, she doesn't have the intelligence Genevieve has.  Their feud spans years, starting in middle school when Genevieve and Camille first meet Chloe. (a former and estranged Replica) Mika is also Dillon's ex-girlfriend who still holds a candle for their on again off again relationship. Mika and Genevieve's dynamic is the basic popular girl picks on unpopular girl, when Genevieve and Dillon's relationship begins to heat up their hate for each other intensifies until it finally reaches that epic peak where a fight is the only outcome! But who will come out on top?

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McFly - I've Got You


  1. Yeah, I really didn't care much for Mean Girls or Mockingjay, but I do like the song.

    Mmm... Grilled cheese... Yup. I think I'm sold. That's what we have to eat for dinner too. =)

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