Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Indian Summer, I-Carly, Inkheart, Irene Brighton, Incubus


So I went a little different on the "I" movie today.  The movie actually stars adults who remember back to the time when they were all in summer camp together. (Insert teenage actors here)  The movie is called Indian Summer and came out in the early 90's. So twenty years after a group of adolescent teenagers go to a summer camp in Ontario they are called back for a reunion by the old camp director, Uncle Lou.  The movie switches back and forth between the memories they shared in the camp to their adult lives today.  The movie is mainly about the relationships they all share.  How love can form again after all those years apart, or how it can fall apart just as easily.  While there the camp-goers find out that the camp is going to close and soon they are being faced with the reality of losing the one place where they all felt like they belonged.  The movie is funny and I really like the cast of characters. Elizabeth Perkins, Diane Lane, Bill Paxton just to name a few. But the other thing I really enjoy about this movie is the realistic emotions they all express.  The actors did a great job handling the difficult scenes, and they all seemed genuinely real. If you like cute, romantic, and funny movies then you may want to see Indian Summer.


So call me a kid at heart but I really enjoy watching some of the shows on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon that my kids watch. One in particular I enjoyed was I-Carly I-Carly about three kids Carly, Sam, and Freddy three friends who run a t.v. web show called I-Carly. (Go Figure) Sam and Carly are goofy teenage girls who spend most of their time in front of the camera. They do everything from pulling pranks on their idiot concierge Lubert, to random dancing.  They've had lots of guest stars on the show, One Direction made an appearance. (Girl Screams) I think the best part of the show is Sam.  Sam is the kind of person that she is better off being your friend, then an enemy. Sam is a street-wise, bad girl, with a horrible attitude, bottomless stomach, and wields a butter sock! (Yes I did say butter sock)  Carly is the goody-two-shoes, she doesn't like getting into trouble and acts like Sam's conscience. Freddy is the one Sam always picks on.  He is a geeky, teenage boy who is good with electronics and a/v equipment, he has a big crush on Carly, but also dates Sam in the show. There are also two other crazy characters, Spencer, Carly's older brother who likes to create sculptures that usually catch fire.  And Gibby the weird kid who always goes around not wearing a shirt.  He lets Sam and Carly pretty much do anything to him. I-Carly  was a cute show and one of the only ones I let my kids watch. 


So "I" was another letter where I haven't read a book. (That's a lie I actually just finished reading Insurgent, but since I already did Divergent for D, I wanted to take a different route) One book I really want to read is Inkheart.  I love fantasy type stories. Inkheart is a book written by Cornelia Funke.  The book is about a 12 year old girl named Meggie who lives with her father Mortimer that is a book binder.  Mortimer has a special gift, that when he reads aloud from a book the characters come to life.  Mortimer hides this power from his daughter and one day while reading aloud from a book called Inkheart a villain named Capricorn, his aide Basta and a fire breather named Dustfinger magically appear from the book.  Years later Capricorn vows to destroy every copy of Inkheart and use Mortimer's gift for evil.  Inkheart looks like a wonderful book.  It is definitely on my to-read list. This book was also made into a movie starring Brenden Frasier.

My Book:

Irene Brighton is Dillon's mother.  She is an alcoholic, trophy wife who spends her days lying on the couch spending her husbands money and drinking away her problems. At first Irene is portrayed as a wonderful character.  She invites Genevieve into her home and is thrilled to have her there because Dillon is doing so well in English class with the help of Genevieve's tutoring.  Irene's true colors come out when the plot thickens between Genevieve and Dillon.  When Irene finds out that Dillon is dating Genevieve, she turns into an obnoxious, stuck-up, hoity-toity rich bitch.  She tells Genevieve that she is just hired help that isn't fit to date her son.  I wanted Irene's character to be the stereotypical trophy wife.  The wife that was married for her looks, neglected as she ages, and drinks to hide her depression.  Though she treats Genevieve like crap the one redeeming quality for Irene is her love for Dillon. She adores her son, and would do anything to protect him.

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Incubus - Drive


  1. It's been way too long since I've seen Indian Summer. Weekend rental, here I come! :)

    1. I plan on getting my hands on the movie for my collection eventually. :)

  2. I like your approach to the A to Z. Lots of good books and lots of memories with those movies and TV shows. (I particularly enjoyed the fact that you included the video of the Truffle Shuffle from Goonies in your "G" post.) Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie


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