Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Urban Legends, Unfabulous, Uglies, Ursula, Usher

Wow no blog love for two whole days!  I either lost my audience, lost my mojo, or everyone is nearing the end of this challenge and commented out!  Either way I feel abandoned.  LMAO! And I loved my S and T posts.


Ugh! U was hard for a movie.  I settled on Urban Legends but only because I had to.  Urban Legends was a movie that came out in the 90's.  It was one of those hack 'em slash 'em horror films, (and I use the word horror lightly) that was supposed to speak to a younger audience.  It was one of those films that came out hoping to ride the movie Scream's shirt tales to success.  It didn't succeed or have the following Scream did.  Basic premiss,  Killer decides to start murdering people based on old Urban Legends.  Hook Hand, Headlights off, hanging in tree.  ETC you get the picture.  The movie was not very good, and deserves it's two and a half stars. 


It was also hard to find a "good" television show for.  So I settled on Unfabulous.  This show came on
Nickelodeon and was poorly acted, and just another one of those kid shows that was trying to speak to a younger audience. Emma Roberts starred as Addie Singer, a young pre-teen who spends her time making up stupid songs and attempting to play them on her guitar.  (Pretty Badly mind you.)  The show follows her pursuit of a boy who doesn't give her the time of day, and her two friends who both always have a significant other.  Eventually in the series Addie and the boy end up dating but have their problems.  Go Figure.  She has a mean, jerky older brother who is a ladies man, and two parents who are goofy.  Pretty much like all the teenage garbage gracing the television nowadays!


 I haven't been able to read this series yet, but I want to just for research purposes.  The Uglies is a
science fiction book series written by Scott Westerfield.  The story takes places in a dysotopian society where everyone is pretty because the government gives everyone extreme cosmetic surgery by the age of sixteen.  Tally Youngblood is one of the children growing up in this world. She is a rebel and decides not to do as the government tells her, because her two friends Shay and David tell her the downside of being pretty. You can always change the outside but not your insides.   The book looks really good and I can't wait to read it some day.

My Book:

Ursula is the leading lady in the book within the book of my novel, it's called Ursula's Seduction. In the story Ursula is promised to a Older gentleman named Armand, by her father.  When Armand goes away to sea to help fight in a war, Ursula is left behind, twiddling her thumbs until he returns.  When her father ends up having to go away on a business trip that will last for a couple months, he hires a handsome hand to help keep the lighthouse while he is away. Phillip.   Soon Ursula and Phillip become attracted to each other and a lustful love blossoms.   When their desires become too hard to contain, Ursula ends up making love to Phillip, ending her virginity that was promised to Armand. Ursula is a fickle character. She's young and naive, and despite her being in love with two men, in the end only one man can truly hold her heart. But who will that man be?  Phillip or Armand?

What's For Dinner?  Not sure yet

Song of the Day:

Usher (when he first started)
You Remind Me



  1. I swear I left a comment yesterday! I don't know where it went, but I said that Ten Things I Hate About You is one of my favourite movies. :)

    I kept seeing people adding Uglies to their Goodreads reading lists the other day - I will have to check it out!

    1. It's okay! We have a lot in common lol despite an ocean separating us!

  2. Uglies is an awesome book! Even if you weren't planning on using it as research, you should read it--you will love it!

  3. Uglies... Yeah, it was okay. It kind of dragged for me and the world felt really vague, but maybe I was just in an unimaginative mood when I read it. I did like it, but my son went on to read the rest of the series, and he really didn't like the way it ended. So, heads up.

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