Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for You Got Served, Young Indiana Jones, Yearling, Trenton Yarbaraough, Yellowcard


I love a good dance movie.  I love bad dance movies.  I just love to dance!  You Got Served is a dance movie that came out in 2004 and involved the members of B2K and Marques Houston. It follows two friends Elgin and David who love to make money.  They have a dance group that they want to enter into a dance competition called the Big Bounce where they can with 50,000.  In order to get the entry fee they deliver drugs for a drug lord named Emerald.  They come up with the 5,000 dollars and enter their team.  One of their teammates betrays them and gives all their dance moves to a rival team.  David and Elgin's sister start to like each other and this makes Elgin mad causing a major rift between the two best friends. After a drawn out fight, a friend being shot, and going up against each other in the competition.  Elgin and David join forces for one last dance off against the rival dance group and  . . .  well I guess you will just have to watch the movie.


Who doesn't love Indiana Jones?  In the 90's they created a show called the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. It follows Indiana as he begins his career as a treasure hunter.  It starred Sean Patrick Flannery. Every show begins with the Older Indiana retelling the stories of his childhood. I used to watch the show a lot.  It wasn't as good as the movies, but it is kind of neat seeing how Indiana became Indiana. The series starts out when Indiana is ten years old and follows him all the way into his teenage years.


The Yearling is a book written by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings that follows the life of a boy who adopts a fawn. Jody Baxter lives on a farm with his family, and has always wanted a pet.  Because his family is poor and cannot afford to feed anyone but themselves Jody is forced to grow up alone. A rival neighbor steals some pigs from the Baxters and Penny and Jody go out to find them.  While out Penny gets bitten by a rattle snake and he is forced to kill a Doe in order to use her liver to draw out the poison.  Penny survives but the doe leaves behind a Fawn.  Jody takes the fawn in and names it Flag and soon they become inseparable as Flag grows up he starts to become more of a burden eating their corn stock and becoming a nuisance.  Jody is forced to take Flag into the forest and shoot him but can't bring himself to do it.  Jody's mother ends up shooting Flag, and forces Jody to put him out of his misery.

My Book:

Trenton Yarabarough is a character I created for Camille.  Camille doesn't have many friends, in fact she spends most of her book in and out of a psychiatrist's office. On one of her meetings she is introduced to Trenton, a strange, scary, sophomore kid she recognizes from school. Trenton is one of those kids you avoid in the hallways. He's creepy and weird.  He wears dark eyeliner and has jet black hair that falls over his eyes so only one peeks out. He always wears dark black gloves with the fingers cut out, and black nail polish. Trenton has a secret that he keeps from everyone.  It isn't until he meets Camille that he realizes how much they actually have in common, and the two form a unique bond that no one else understands.  Camille doesn't know it but she sort of saves Trenton. He was either going to be a statistic and kill himself, or shoot up the school either way someone was going to die. Despite all Camille's bad points she does have a few redeeming qualities and taking Trenton under her wing is one of them. Though Trenton is misunderstood, he is a character I really enjoy writing because despite his outward appearance, a shy, fragile, wonderful person lays beneath all that make-up. The only person who can see past his psycho is a psycho herself-Camille. The two are a unique paring and I can't wait to expand on their relationship in Camille's book.

What's For Dinner?  Spaghetti and Garlic Bread!

Song of the Day:

Yellow Card - Cut me, Mick
(If you really listen to the words of this song it describes Trenton and Camille's relationship perfectly)

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