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J is for Just One of the Guys, Joan of Arcadia, J.K. Rowling, Jake Higby, JoJo


So for the J movie I am bringing back the 80's again!  Just One of the Guys is an 80's movie where a girl named Teri is trying to make a name for herself in a man's world.  When her teacher tells her she is a pretty girl and can be a model not a reporter, Teri disguises herself as a guy and enrolls herself into another school. Soon she ends up learning way more about men then she proposed and soon finds herself battling feelings she has for the only person she made friends with at the school. Another movie I like with a similar plot line is called She's the Man, but that story was based off the Shakespeare Play Twelfth Night.  The movie is a typical teen movie filled with comedy and romance. It's cast makes the movie, and though their are a few familiar faces, they are relatively unknown.  I especially like Teri's brother Buddy who always seems to make her life even more difficult, and gets a kick out of seeing her squirm.   I really love Just One of the Guys!


 Joan of Arcadia was a t.v. show in the early 2000's about a girl named Joan who is approached by God and asked to help random people out with their lives.  God always appears to her as someone
different and she never knows when he will pop up.  God also never tells her exactly why she is helping the people she is supposed to help, and keeps her out of the loop. Joan of Arcadia fell more into a drama category.  The stories during the show were heartfelt, sometimes edgy.  In one of the final episodes Joan is sent to find her ex boyfriend who mysteriously disappears one night after their break-up and finds him in the forest.  The show dealt with the stress of marriage, dealing with a paraplegic child, infidelity, suicide.  Just to name a few. I really enjoyed the show and was disappointed when they canceled it.  I thought the show was cast well and worked well with one another. 


Okay I'm ready for it! Prepare to insert boo's here . . . X  . . . or maybe here  . . . X.  Anyways I decided for my J book I would talk about J.K. Rowling. Yes the amazing author who brought the wonderful world of Harry Potter to life.  So here is where you will probably boo me. I have never read any of the Harry Potter books! GASP, OHMYGERD, WTH?  Yup all those are accepted reactions to me never reading any of the Harry Potter series.  I have the books . . . I just haven't read them yet.  (I have seen all the movies which probably doesn't count.)  Now you may be wondering why I would want to talk about J.K. Rowling if I haven't read her books.  Well for one, they are on my to-read list.  And two J.K. Rowling is my idol for becoming a writer.  I say this because even though she went though many rejections before finally being published, she was gifted what any writer wants . . . the big fat royalty check, instant fame, millions of fans, and a following that will last her for ages.  J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series in a coffee shop on anything she could find.  Napkins, scraps of paper.  And soon her world of Potter was born. (it's so big there is even a theme park now!) Harry was born different, he is a wizard after all. He is taken from a horrible life of living in a closet and whisked away to a new and exciting land full of monsters, wizards, and magic.  The series follows him as he learns the mark on his forehead was formed after a evil wizard "he who shall not be named"  tries to kill him. With his two best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger by his side, and others he picks up along the way, Harry battles "he who shall not be named" throughout the books. I can't wait to read Harry Potter.  Hopefully one day soon I can start the series.

 My Book:

Jake Higby is a character I created as a romantic partner for another character. Jake is one of the most popular guys in school, class president, and also the boyfriend of the character mentioned above.  Now the reason I brought Jake in the book is because I asked my niece what her favorite boy name is. (I will introduce Jake's girlfriend later in S.) Jake is an all-around nice guy who likes everybody.  He has a positive attitude, is very active, and likes P.D.A's!  Ewwh gross! Jake like many characters are just for fluff. They probably could be cut if I wanted them to but SHAKE would not be the same without Jake. (You'll find out about SHAKE later!)

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